Royal Navy and Royal Air Force retains Wavemaker UK for media strategy and planning

The Royal Navy and Royal Air Force

The Royal Navy and Royal Air Force has retained Wavemaker UK to deliver media strategy and planning for their recruitment campaigns.

The decision to award a new three-year contract to Wavemaker builds on an existing relationship – spanning eight years. 

Royal Navy and Royal Air Force brief

Wavemaker was reappointed for its ability to deliver a media strategy that meets the needs of, and resonates with, the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force’s diverse target audiences. 

Royal Navy
Madein: Previous campaigns include this one for the Royal Navy.

The ability to traction an effective and efficient use of fiscal resource was another critical element of this contract award.

Along with delivering data-driven communication strategy and planning, Wavemaker will retain its role as the lead agency and will continue as an integral part of an effective business partnership with the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.

Following the appointment, Wavemaker was praised for showing a passion for the account and a willingness to think differently about the task. 

The agency demonstrated a very credible background in Government recruitment strategic thinking. 

The use of specific qualitative research for this pitch was encouraging and demonstrated significant thought and application, which was named as a key factor in the decision.

Royal Air Force
No ordinary brief: Wavemaker UK is trusted by forces for its campaigns.

Katie Lee, Chief Operating Officer, Wavemaker UK, said: “The UK is a brilliantly diverse nation, and it’s vital that that diversity is represented in our armed forces. 

“We’re proud to employ our industry-leading approach to reaching diverse audiences to support this important institution in attracting a new generation of talent to embark on a career within the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy.”

Paul Colley, Head of Marketing, Recruitment & Attraction, Royal Navy, added: “We’re looking forward to continuing our business enterprise approach with the Wavemaker team. 

“Their strong evidence-based approach to media strategy and planning, born out of invaluable data and insight, will help us to deliver compelling recruitment campaigns that resonate with our key target audiences. 

“We are confident that with Wavemaker’s input, we will attract the right quantity and quality of talent for the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force to meet its recruiting needs.”