Risqué Wild Cosmetics ad launches with dirty talking polar bear by BBH

wild cosmetics polar bear bbh

A woman and her seven-foot tall polar bear boyfriend get in the mood for love by talking dirty about their shameful ecological indiscretions, in BBH’s first advertising campaign for disruptive cosmetic brand, Wild Cosmetics.

Aimed at an audience that wants to choose sustainable products, but is dubious about the efficacy of natural deodorant, BBH set itself a mission of converting sceptics into believers, with a campaign tapping into the Wild brand’s disruptive energy.

Wild Cosmetics bear

In a three-minute hero film, Thorvald, Wild’s polar bear hero, discovers his new girlfriend Sarah has a ‘climate change kink’ when he walks in on her watching a film about melting ice caps and having a moment of self love. 

He’s taken aback but, having promised not to kink shame, Thorvald indulges Sarah by listening to her struggles about doing the right thing for the planet, from sometimes leaving the tap running while she cleans her teeth, to not rinsing her recycling and even, eating the occasional out-of-season strawberry.

He even gets into it himself, with some single-use plastic-related role play. But Thorvald hits his hard limit when Sarah demands that he spray her with a single-use plastic aerosol deodorant. 

Repulsed, he breaks it off with Sarah – but not before bearsplaining why she should switch to Wild deodorant, with its natural ingredients, great scents and plastic-free refills, delivered directly to subscribers’ doors.

Charlie Bowes-Lyon, Co-Founder and CMO of Wild Cosmetics, said: “In a world where there’s plenty to sweat about, Wild hopes to make life a little easier by providing sustainable, highly effective bathroom products that look good and smell good. 

“We’ve already disrupted our category in terms of our product, our service and our mission, and now thanks to our partnership with BBH, we’re disrupting the cookie-cutter advertising that typically goes with it.”

Adam Newby, Creative Director at BBH, said: “Our ‘Dirty Talk’ campaign for Wild comes from the truth that we are all trying our best right now in a world that seriously stinks. 

“None of us are perfect – we have all forgotten our tote bag – and that’s OK. We took this very relatable idea and pushed it to its logical conclusion: a kink positive polar bear, some inter-species pollution play and one of those old TV’s from the last day of school.

Joy Molan, Senior Strategist at BBH added: “When Wild’s competitors are opting for eco worthiness, we decided to disrupt. 

“Our audience’s lives are a lot right now – from climate change to relationship red flags – so we channelled all this anxiety into a wonderfully chaotic spot that pokes fun at our imperfections and celebrates a simple way to do our bit for the planet.”

Wild was founded in 2019 with a mission to shake-up the throwaway culture of bathroom products with high-performing products made from natural ingredients that never compromise on convenience or efficacy.

The campaign breaks on 31st May on TV, YouTube paid advertising and social channels, and will run for 12 months.