Rise at Seven offers students rent refunds for work experience

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Rise at Seven, founded by 27-year-old creative Carrie Rose, is a London and Sheffield-based search-first creative agency and is encouraging students to quit uni (for now), and take a ‘year out’ at Rise at Seven.

The agency is opening its doors to NON-GRADUATES to earn and learn at ‘one of the most exciting agencies in the country’ from now until September 2021. 

“Covid has ruined so many students’ degree plans, and the experience is just not the same”, the agency claimed. 

Whilst the agency is encouraging students to go back to Uni after the year at Rise ends, it’s asking them to spend the next three to 10 months in an agency learning on the job instead. 

Rise at Seven pays your rent

Rise at Seven also said it will refund any successful applicant their first term rent back as an incentive.

So, if you don’t fancy spending thousands of pounds to sit alone in student accommodation and learn online, Rise at Seven may be an alternative.

The agency is offering students the chance to come and spend a year learning with the team, either in its London or Sheffield offices – where there’s a bar, bath and slide – or completely remotely.

Rise at Seven said it has grown 300% during lockdown, is expanding to the US and works with the likes of PrettyLittleThing, GAME, Odeon, Playstation, Made.com, House of Fraser, and more delivery search and creative strategies for global brands. 

It’s also a TikTok partner, creating social campaigns for disruptor brands. 

The agency has been accredited as one of The Best Places To Work in the UK 2021, despite just being 18 months old. The office features a bar, palm trees, a PlayStation corner, a slide and more to come.

The agency said this ‘earn while you learn’ opportunity will not only guarantee refunded rent, but will allow successful candidates the chance to be a part of this fast-growing agency, hone their skills and learn from industry experts. 

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Rent for rookies: Rise at Seven is offering students real work opps and rent paid.

The Non-Graduate scheme is essentially encouraging people to spend the next year with them instead and head back to Uni after learning as much as possible in one of the fastest-growing agencies in the industry.

Talent opps

Carrie Rose, Chief Executive of Rise at Seven, said: ‘I am a firm believer that the University experience is transformative, but in a world where the lifestyle, friendships and opportunities of Uni are limited – why not offer young talent the chance to learn on the job?

“Right now, students find themselves paying rent for rooms they can’t use, learning remotely or shut in their accommodation – they didn’t sign up for this. 

“We want to offer them an opportunity to take a break from University and join a global agency which prides itself on hiring the most enthusiastic, hungry and creative individuals to work on some of the world’s biggest brands. 

“And if they fancy going back to Uni afterwards, we will help them get there through our connections with Uni’s across the country’.

Hopeful candidates for the Rise at Seven non-graduate positions can apply online here.