#RIGHTTALENT urges diverse talent to take centre stage at Cannes Lions


Ahead of this year’s prestigious Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, the #RIGHTTALENT initiative is calling for support to create a beacon of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the event.

#RIGHTTALENT initiative 

A collaborative effort of five charities, led by Digilearning alongside The Amos Bursary, MOBO Trust & Mobolise, The Rio Ferdinand Foundation, and The Marketing Academy Foundation, #RIGHTTALENT is gathering a cohort of young talent from a diverse group of organisations to attend the festival and embark on the leadership acceleration programme.

In a world where talent knows no boundaries, #RIGHTTALENT is paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future. With startling statistics revealing the disparities faced by underrepresented groups, the need for action has never been more urgent.

While progress has been made in recent years, McKinsey recently reported that even those companies boasting higher-than-average female representation continue to struggle with diversity, with just 50% of these companies having high ethnic-minority representation, highlighting that more needs to be done to deliver equal opportunities for the new generation of talent.

As official partners of the Cannes Lions Festival’s Equity, Representation and Accessibility Programme, Digilearning and the #RIGHTTALENT campaign are issuing a call to action to industry leaders. In a heartfelt plea, they urge industry leaders to “walk the talk” and join forces.

By pledging support, providing mentors, pathways to job roles such as work experience, and offering jobs to young talent from underrepresented backgrounds, leaders will not only invest in the future but also gain the opportunity to shape it.

Lisa Goodchild, Founder of Digilearning, commented: “Pushing the boundaries of diversity isn’t just about levelling the playing field; it’s about reshaping the game entirely.”

According to the McKinsey data mentioned above, Black, Bangladeshi and Pakistani (BPP) women fare worse than both white women and BBP men when it comes to both pay and labour participation.

But where there are challenges, there are also solutions. Through the collaborative efforts of these five charities, the development of future leaders is being fueled, ensuring that the next generation reflects the rich tapestry of humanity.

Leaders that engage with the mission to create a more diverse workforce will see the benefits. Diversity drives creativity, as proven through a recent partnership between Effie UK and Creative Equals to explore the link between diversity and marketing effectiveness.

Initial analysis showed that Effie Gold winning agencies were 7.2% more diverse than the industry average and Effie award-winning agencies (all trophy levels) were 4.3% more diverse than the industry average.

Combining forces with organisations such as Digilearning, The Amos Bursary, MOBO Trust & Mobolise, The Rio Ferdinand Foundation, and The Marketing Academy Foundation, #RIGHTTALENT is harnessing the power of diversity to transform lives and industries alike.

Industry players already involved include Accenture, The Channel Factory, The Social Element, Grand Visual, VaynerMedia, and Talon.

Sarah Parkes, Group Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Talon, said: “We’re so proud here at Talon and Grand Visual to be backing this vital new initiative.

“We all know the importance of improving diversity within our industry and how essential it is to empower and nurture talent, and #RIGHTTALENT will actively ensure a more inclusive future.

“We’re thrilled to stand shoulder to shoulder with the five incredible charities involved to help make #RIGHTTALENT’s aims become a reality.”