Refreshed: Oppo Brothers launches ice cream campaign by Trouble Maker


Full-service advertising agency, Trouble Maker today launched its summer-fuelled digital stunt to celebrate award-winning ice cream brand, Oppo Brothers‘, new product line, ‘Refreshed’.

The digital stunt will run on TikTok and Meta in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, where the new product line is being sold.

Oppo Brothers

As Trouble Maker’s inaugural piece of work for Oppo, the agency was tasked with helping to drive product and brand awareness of the new range of ice cream sticks.

The summer line, which includes alfonso mango & passionfruit and raspberry coulis flavours, provides the target audience of females over the age of 25 with a delicious but healthy treat during the warmer summer months.

To elevate Oppo Brothers’ new ice cream range, the digital stunt brings next-level refreshment to London, Berlin, and Amsterdam with a giant Oppo swimming pool rolling its way down the streets in the key cities.

Shaped just like the Refreshed ice cream sticks, the float will be packed with branded inflatables and filled with people enjoying the healthy treats.

Matthew Sherratt, Head of Marketing at Oppo Brothers, said: ‘We’ve been looking forward to raising awareness for our portfolio with the launch of our new ice cream stick, Oppo Refreshed.

“With Trouble Maker’s help we’re confident that consumers will enjoy our new product this summer. With the warmer weather many people want more than just a water based ice lolly so new Oppo Refreshed will provide them with both a refreshing but also indulgent ice cream treat all in one for only 49 calories.

“Trouble Maker did a great job of telling this story of refreshment meets indulgence in a way that will definitely “scroll stop”.

Jonathan Fraser, Chief Strategy Officer at Trouble Maker, said: “We’re thrilled to be working with Oppo Brothers to launch and drive awareness of the ‘Refreshed’ product line.

“Oppo Brothers are market leaders when it comes to premium-tasting ice cream, and we wanted to use the campaign to show off their new portfolio.

“Through the power of digital stunts, the campaign is attention-grabbing and complements a more holistic marketing plan”.