Recruitment brand hackajob given rebrand by Droga5 London


Droga5 London, part of Accenture Song, has rebranded hackajob, the full stack technical hiring platform that specialises in connecting organisations with tech talent.

Founded in 2014, hackajob has a mission to disrupt the tech recruitment industry.

The firm has just completed a $25m round of investment.

Last year, someone got hired every 62 minutes on hackajob and live candidates increased 341% YoY.

Rebranding hackajob

Despite this success, the brand needed rebooting, so Droga5 was briefed to create a new identity, giving hackajob a distinctive look and feel that will help support its growth into the US market, as well as developing its offering in the UK.

The hackajob platform is unique in that it is a live community of candidates, active on the platform, proving their skills through coding tests rather than dusty old CVs.

The platform allows companies to connect with these candidates directly. Fast, fair and fully transparent hiring.

Connection is at the core of the business and therefore the brand identity, too.

The two sides of the business, candidate and company, are represented visually by circles and squares. The logo playfully visualises these connections, an elegant dance representing the formation of new teams and partnerships.

Hand-cut by Jacob Wise, the wordmark further brings this to life, merging squared off and circular motifs.

The business also connects humans with technology, essentially making the connections necessary to build the world’s tech.

The branded photography style, coined ‘coding glow’, champions the talent responsible for this important work – the people behind the code.

It’s the first time hackajob has been through a full branding process.

Hackajob, CEO Mark Chaffey, said: “At our core, hackajob is connecting people with organisations that will ultimately build the future. We wanted a brand that brought this vision to life and Droga5 certainly delivered this.”

Stephanie McArdle, head of design at Droga5 London, said: “We wanted to create a brand that tech talent aspire to be part of and motivate them to do the best work of their lives. Coding is cool!”