Rebranded abrdn launches campaign for investing as a force for good

abrdn campaign the power of investment - mediashotz

UK investment house abrdn (formerly Standard Life Aberdeen) has launched its first campaign since it simplified its business under a single brand in July.

The campaign, created by Iris, introduces a new brand platform, The Power of Investment, which sets out to reframe investment as a force for good as well as reflecting the simplification of the business with more ways to help people plan, save and invest for their future.

Abrdn reframes investing

Elisha Pearce, Managing Partner at Iris, said: “Investment is still seen by too many people as elitist and inaccessible. Abrdn wants to change that. 

“The new campaign reframes investment as an ability – the power to change, not just your future but lots of futures, for the better. Empowerment and accessibility are central to the campaign.”

Research from abrdn found more than half of people (54%) believe investing their money can have a positive impact on society.

Iris said the new campaign aims to build on this and change perceptions of investment from a pursuit that is only about financial return, to a power for positive change.

The Power of Investment shows how positive investment can create a better future, not just for individuals, but for companies, communities, countries, the climate and, ultimately, the world. 

The campaign takes us beyond pure financial return, to societal return; jobs created, technologies developed, medicines discovered, and solutions unearthed.

In the 60-second spot we meet real life Sol and his dad, Ben, and we witness how the progress made by investment in the field of robotics can lead to advancements in prosthetics technology that can allow someone like Ben to create a fully functioning prosthetic arm for his son. 

Not only was the prosthetic arm made for Sol, but thanks to the technological progress made in these industries, Ben now makes them for children around the world.

This kind of investment gives people the ability to improve their future whilst also improving the future for others, highlighting that creating a positive ripple of progress can travel far further than our individual reach.

Stephen Whitehead, Chief Brand, Marketing and Corporate Affairs Officer at abrdn, said: “We want to show people that they have the power to create a better future for themselves and society through investment, and that they can do so in a way that suits their personal beliefs, objectives and financial means.

“The Power of Investment also represents what we want to achieve as abrdn. Our name change brought five brands together with a renewed sense of purpose. 

“We are future-focused and committed to giving our clients and the next generation the tools and support they need to achieve their ambitions.”

Abrdn has engaged in industry leading ESG research, promotes hundreds of sustainable funds and offers savings products from as little as £1.

The integrated campaign went live across TV, OOH, radio, press, digital advertising, social and PR on Monday 15 November.