RAPP creates targeted campaign for Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches

Samsung smartwatches campaign by RAPP

Creative agency RAPP has devised a highly targeted campaign to promote Samsung’s Smartwatches, Galaxy Watch3 and Galaxy Watch Active2.

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches

The work uses the provocative line ‘Don’t Just Watch’ along with relatable scenarios that show the devices’ innovative features at their best. 

With multiple variants of the creative, the campaign delivers a matrix of different smartwatch products, features and messages, to a wide variety of custom YouTube audiences – depending on their individual preferences.

It will feature on YouTube, Pinterest, online video (Condé Nast, Teads, Hearst, The Trade Desk) and OOH (roadside, National Rail, Underground and buses) until the end of June.

RAPP’s brief was to develop an overarching creative platform which inspires Samsung owners to buy a Samsung Galaxy Watch3 and Galaxy Watch Active2.

The campaign shows how smartwatches can help people to “Push harder, Pay quicker, React faster, Dream bigger, Move freer” and “Own your health.”

Using inspiring imagery, powerful language, and relatable user scenarios, the campaign shows how their incredible features can revolutionise Samsung users’ lives.

Rather than being product led, the ads are all about how the watch can integrate into the customer’s lifestyle. 

Samsung claimed hardware, software, services and partnerships have enabled its smartwatches to offer so much than simply the functionality of the smartwatch. 

For example, one ad is about how it can be used to monitor and improve sleep, from dimming the lights ready for bed with SmartThings, to tracking your sleep through the night with Sleep Score. 

Samsung Smartwatches
More than a watch: Samsung’s smartwatches campaign showcases integration with lifestyle.

Another demonstrates how the watch doesn’t just allow you skip songs on Spotify, customers can download the tracks and be totally free of their phone.

‘Don’t Just Watch’

The ‘Don’t Just Watch’ construct allows the brand to talk about everything from features and activities to topical events and other launches. It also stands alone – saying everything you need to know about the watch in just three words.

“Our goal for the ‘Don’t Just Watch’ campaign was to bring to life the rich suite of unique features found in our smartwatch range that often go missed”, Sharon Hegarty, Marketing Director at Samsung UK & Ireland said. 

“This work tells the story that Samsung Galaxy wearables not only support health goals but provide so much more, made possible by their fantastic range of services and features”.

Samsung smartwatches - OOH campaign by RAPP
Smart times: RAPP devised highly targeted campaign which includes OOH, TV and social.

Al Mackie, Chief Creative Officer at RAPP adds: “We set out to show emotion in relatable, aspirational and eye-catching scenarios – whether it’s listening to your favourite playlists, monitoring your heart rate or blood pressure, making payments or messaging friends – we have used a creative lens to show features in situ, alongside a testing matrix which targets different audiences with different executions. 

“The highly targeted ads and test and learn execution aim to capture a feeling or a moment, while audience insight will inform subsequent activity.”

The tone and style of the campaign has been devised to work through the line, from big, bold print statements to data-driven DOOH, RAPP said. 

It also showcases details and key features on formats such as Facebook Instant Experience and Instagram Stories.