Radiocentre comments on UK Government’s BBC Mid-Term Review


The Government has published its Mid-Term Review of the BBC Charter, a process designed to assess the effectiveness of its governance and regulatory framework in ensuring the best outcome for audiences, while limiting market impact on competitors such as commercial radio.

Mid-Term Review

The review was launched in May 2022 and consisted of direct discussions between DCMS, Ofcom and the BBC, as well as targeted consultation with stakeholders, including Radiocentre.

Much of the focus of the review has been on impartiality and improving the complaints process for BBC audiences.

However, it also emphasises the need to keep the impact of the BBC on competitors under review.

As a result, Ofcom will be asked to report on the position of the BBC in certain markets, including radio and local news.

In addition, the BBC will need to be more transparent when developing new services and will be held to a higher standard of openness and engagement with competitors in future.

The current BBC Charter runs until 2027 and will be reviewed in more detail ahead of that time.

Radiocentre CEO, Matt Payton, said: “The BBC is still the biggest player in UK radio, so strong external regulation and high standards of transparency are essential.

“The BBC Mid-Term Review has been a helpful opportunity to highlight these issues and we look forward to examining the detail of the final report.”