R/GA London launches YouTube-linked ‘Preservation Play’ initiative

preservation play by r/ga london

R/GA London has launched ‘Preservation Play’, an innovative initiative that will provide new revenue streams to both Project Zero and other environmental organisations.  

‘Preservation Play’ is a YouTube channel where the ad revenues generated are used to save the natural world. 

‘Preservation Play’

R/GA London set up ‘Preservation Play’ to direct money and attention to NGOs and charities that are actively working on saving the environment. 

preservation play by r/ga london 2
Natural trend: R/GA initiative will use YouTube generated income for good.

The ad revenues earned will go straight to the NGOs. A small proportion will be used to buy Adwords and Discovery ads to promote the content, generating more views, and more ad revenue.

One key trend R/GA identified during the last year was the huge increase in search for nature videos that help viewers relax, sleep or be more productive—this content has nearly half a billion views on YouTube in total.  

However, for all these views, not one penny of ad revenue went back to protect those environments featured — resulting in lost revenue to the natural world of potentially millions. 

This accidental exploitation presented R/GA an opportunity to help by redirecting future revenues to conservation organisations.

Project Zero, a charity that works around the world to protect and restore the ocean, is the first organisation to partner with R/GA on the ‘Preservation Play’. 

This partnership is marked by the launch of a new playlist featuring soothing ocean videos.

“The ocean covers approximately 71% of Earth’s surface”, said Alexandra Richards, DJ, Model and Project Zero Board Member. 

Earth – Humanity’s biggest ally

“It’s our biggest ally in the fight against in the climate crisis. We need everyone’s help in restoring the ocean to save our planet”. 

The banner video on Preservation Play’s YouTube channel is voiced by actor and Project Zero board member James Jagger, who said: “The sounds of nature connect us back to what is important. Passive listening while giving back is a smart idea.

“We’re encouraging everyone to subscribe and stream to help us protect and restore the ocean.”

preservation play by r/ga london 3
Chillout and save the world: R/GA initiative will use YouTube income for good.

R/GA London is encouraging other NGOs and charities to get in touch so they can start earning an income via Preservation Play.

Nick Pringle, SVP Executive Creative Director at R/GA said: “The Preservation Play creates a ‘good loop’:  The more people watch, the more they relax, the more they earn for the environment. 

“It’s great when we can use our creativity to create genuine value for NGOs like Project Zero”

Michele Clarke, CEO and founder of Project Zero said, “The ocean is so vast, it seems impossible that we could do anything to harm it.  But today the ocean is in trouble. 

“From overfishing to pollution to climate change – it’s as if we’ve declared war on the very ecosystem that keeps us alive. We can reverse the damage, but we must act now. 

“Preservation Play is a wonderful way to help our most important ecosystem, the ocean. 

“We love that those who want to unwind, relax or meditate with the sounds of the ocean can now actively help us conserve them by simply streaming.”