Qwarry partners with SeenThis on sustainability in digital ads


Adaptive streaming specialist, SeenThis, has inked a new partnership with real-time and cookieless Semantic Marketing Platform, Qwarry, marking a significant milestone to provide a more sustainable landscape within digital advertising.

Quarry and SeenThis

SeenThis’ proprietary streaming technology has disrupted traditional content distribution methods, providing a solution that maximises performance while minimising carbon emissions from digital campaigns.

By harnessing the power of SeenThis’ cutting-edge technology, Qwarry, a platform that enables businesses to make sustainable decisions through advanced semantic analysis, can help their customers deliver impactful messages while minimising their carbon footprint from creative delivery, compared to conventional technologies.

Furthermore, SeenThis’ creative platform enables digital advertising campaigns to achieve maximum effectiveness while minimising data waste and the energy it would consume.

Geoffrey Berthon, CEO at Qwarry, said: “We aim to empower industry stakeholders to create campaigns with a reduced environmental footprint while actively contributing to the industry’s transformation towards a more virtuous model.

“Our partnership with SeenThis plays a pivotal role in this endeavour, allowing us to take a step towards minimising carbon emissions while Qwarry upholds user privacy.

“Together, we’re building a brand sustainable future where advertising respects both the planet and individuals.”

Jean-Robert Mamin, Managing Director France at SeenThis, said: “We are thrilled to join forces with Qwarry who shares our mission to prioritise sustainability in digital advertising, especially when the overall performance increases as a result, and I look forward to tackling the sustainability challenge together.

“Our combined expertise and resources will pave the way for innovative solutions that propel us towards the change we need.”

Qwarry’s advanced semantic analysis capabilities equip companies with the knowledge to make informed sustainability decisions, ensuring their advertising efforts align with their corporate social responsibility objectives.

Through this new partnership, Qwarrys clients gain access to a powerful tool that optimises creative delivery, eliminates data waste, measures data transfer and estimates carbon emissions associated with the creative delivery of digital campaigns.

The partnership has already yielded remarkable results, with a recent campaign achieving an impressive 23% reduction in data transfer compared to running creatives of corresponding quality using conventional technology.

For the one million impressions streamed in this campaign, this is the equivalent of 373GB less data transfer, representing 120kg of CO2e  in avoided emissions, which exemplifies the potential of technology-driven solutions to create tangible positive impact on the environment.