Quote from Queen’s speech to COP26 beamed from Piccadilly Lights

Queen's COP26 quote on Piccadilly Lights by ocean outdoor - mediashotz

A short excerpt from Her Majesty The Queen’s video address to COP26 delegates in Glasgow has appeared on the Piccadilly Lights in London as a reminder to world leaders of the need for climate change action.

Queen’s speech

Appearing with the agreement of Buckingham Palace, the message is accompanied by a photograph of The Queen who recorded her speech at Windsor Castle. The photograph was provided by PA Media.

The message on Piccadilly Lights reads: “The time for words has now moved to the time for action,” a sentence drawn from her address which urged world leaders at the COP26 climate summit evening reception to “achieve true statesmanship” and create a “safer, stabler future” for the planet.

The message appeared on the iconic London screen in full domination for 30 minutes from 8am today (Wednesday, 3 November).

Derek Manns, commercial media director of Landsec which owns the Piccadilly Lights said: “COP26 marks an important milestone in the fight against climate change.

“To be able to deliver the Queen’s message not only to world leaders but to the world itself is truly humbling.

Queen's COP26 quote on Piccadilly Lights by ocean outdoor 2 - mediashotz
Royal message: British monarch sends message of action to COP26 delegates.

“This is an important message for all to see, and there is nowhere better for this to be displayed than Piccadilly Lights, representing the beating heart of the nation at important moments such as this.”

Ocean chief marketing officer Richard Malton said: “The Queen’s address was off the scale, one of her best ever. 

“Who else on the planet could get this level of respect from the world’s statesmen. Where better to mark a significant moment in time and remind people of her message than on the world’s most famous screen.”

You can read Her Majesty the Queen’s speech in full here.

The gathering of world leaders in Glasgow for the COP26 climate conference has been criticised by many for too much talking followed up by not enough action.