PubMatic in sell-side tech provider first with Experian


PubMatic, an independent technology company delivering digital advertising’s supply chain of the future, today announced a groundbreaking data collaboration with Experian, the world’s leading global information services company.

The collaboration marks a major milestone in the advertising industry, as PubMatic becomes the first sell side technology provider of Experian marketing data in both the US and UK, providing its clients with unique household-level commerce media targeting capabilities.

Experian and PubMatic

Experian’s syndicated audiences encompass a wealth of information including consumer demographics, spending models, property data, and automotive audiences, complemented by the extensive, cross-channel insights offered by Experian’s Mosaic segments.

These unique and privacy-centric insights will revolutionise how media buyers harness data-driven marketing strategies across commerce media to engage their target audiences.

Furthermore, this collaboration will allow advertisers to take advantage of Experian’s consumer data and audience insights across all of PubMatic’s premium omnichannel inventory including mobile, web, in-app, and connected TV (CTV).

This collaboration marks the first time this data is available in the programmatic ecosystem at the household level in the UK, rather than at the postcode level.

“By integrating Experian’s robust commerce data into our platform, we give our customers an unprecedented competitive edge by empowering them with a deeper understanding of their target audiences as well as market-leading targeting capabilities, while remaining  privacy-centric,” said Peter Barry, VP, Addressability & Commerce Media at PubMatic.

“We are looking forward to working with brands and agencies and helping them to make the most of this exciting new collaboration and a first for the industry.”

PubMatic’s sell-side targeting capabilities combined with Experian’s comprehensive consumer insights will enable media buyers to optimise their campaigns, drive higher engagement rates, and maximise ROI.

With access to detailed consumer behaviour insights, such as shopping preferences and transaction details, advertisers will be able to refine their marketing strategies and implement more precise targeting, and more personalised messaging to specific audiences, via PubMatic’s Connect platform.

“We believe that by integrating with PubMatic we can unlock tremendous value for media buyers, empowering them to leverage our consumer insights to accurately and effectively plan and deliver campaigns that advertisers have long wished for, but seldom found  possible,” said Colin Grieves, Managing Director of Marketing Services UK&I at Experian.

“This collaboration will pave the way for innovative marketing campaigns that connect with audiences at a deeper level, driving increased ad relevancy for consumers and stronger engagement for brands.”

PubMatic and Experian said they are committed to driving digital transformation and delivering unparalleled targeting capabilities to media buyers.

This collaboration sets both companies on a path to shape the future of data-driven advertising and revolutionises the commerce media landscape.