Publishers more prepared for cookieless era – Teads update

cookieless report teads

Teads, The Global Media Platform, has published its latest research on how prepared publishers are for the cookieless era. 

In an update of the survey that was run in 2021, 449 of the world’s best publisher brands, representing a cross-section of both small and medium sized publishers and the largest media companies, responded to questions about their plans for the deprecation of the cookie and which industry initiatives they’re looking at implementing.

Cookieless world

Cookie education amongst publishers has dramatically improved year on year, with 30% of publishers now stating “I have a strong understanding of all the new initiatives in the industry and their benefits/drawbacks”, up from 23% in 2021. 

Just 6% say “I have limited to no knowledge of cookies and the cookieless future”, down from 10%.

When asked how platform and regulatory changes in 2021 impacted your planning for the cookieless future, 78% said that such changes either had no impact or actually accelerated their plans. 

In response to the question “Do you see the deprecation of 3rd-party cookies and/or IDFA/Device IDs as a threat or an opportunity for publishers?”, Teads reported a 100% increase year-on-year, with 50% of respondents now saying such changes “…give us the opportunity to differentiate through our 1st-party data and the quality of our content”.

Sandboxes and targeting

When asked about which data/targeting solutions are they likely to adopt, only 27% said that a privacy sandbox would be considered. 

Most (63%) see 1st party data as an answer, 59% appropriately see contextual within their offering, with unique ID seeing a good percentage at 43%.

The challenges are most apparent from logins, with only 45% of global publishers saying they have a strategy for increasing the utilisation of logins and 93% say 50% or less of their users actually do so. 

Logins pose questions across the publisher journey, with 45% worried about impact on user experience and 49% worried about the impact on traffic. 

With others also showing concerns about monitoring inventory monetisation capabilities (33%), technical implementation of logins (31%) and conflict with subscription models (18%).

In response to the survey results Todd Tran, Chief Strategy Officer, from Teads said: “The progression in the past year has been rapid, we’ve moved into a fascinating stage of accelerated learning and adoption of new technologies that are showcasing publishers can thrive in today’s cookieless world. 

“What’s most encouraging is to see that publishers are making changes to insulate their business models from external factors. 

“By focusing on quality content and 1st party data, they are giving advertisers the best possible opportunity to buy sustainable media that delivers real business outcomes. 

“It’s a very exciting time for publishers and we’re proud to be working with them on new technologies and solutions, such as our cookieless tag, for this new cookieless world.”