Publicis launches DIME to make media buying more inclusive

DIME Final

Publicis Media UK has launched a consciously inclusive marketplace called DIME, or Diverse & Inclusive Media Exchange. 

The marketplace will provide an easy to access inventory solution as a more ethical and responsible way of buying publisher content.


The marketplace, incubated in Publicis Media agency Spark Foundry, offers two main routes to entry: one is a pathway to access inventory curated for underrepresented communities via partnerships with diverse publishers; the other leverages existing publisher partner relationships to ensure access is only provided to media that adheres to a new set of inclusive values developed by Publicis Media. 

This includes editorial inventory that the agency group will buy on behalf of clients.

As part of the launch, Publicis Media has partnered with journalism and technology credibility tool, NewsGuard, to provide independent verification of the news sites and publications to ensure they adhere to responsible journalism to further strengthen the marketplace. 

The Guardian and Reach Group are the first publishers to sign up to be part of the marketplace, with discussions taking place to bring other premium publishers on board. 

Brand Advance are also involved, helping the marketplace reach a network of specialist publishers.

This new offering will be available to all Publicis Media clients via all its agencies, Spark Foundry, Starcom and Zenith.

Sue Frogley, CEO, Publicis Media said: “We aim to be constantly evolving our tools and solutions to make sure that we are reaching the right people at the right time and not excluding those who may be valuable audiences. 

“With this new marketplace, we are moving away from blocking audiences to delivering more inclusive content for our clients than ever before.”

Azad Ali, Head of Performance Insights at Spark Foundry said: “We want to create  meaningful and authentic affinity with broader audiences, this tool helps us better target those communities that are often closed off to due to brand safety and keyword block lists to ensure our clients are engaging with more underrepresented communities. 

“The marketplace will allow us to identify publishers and networks that are able to reach a broader section of society in a responsible and inclusive manner.”

Steven Brill, NewsGuard Co-CEO: “We’re delighted to be working with Publicis Media to make advertising a real force for good by supporting high-quality news publishers serving underrepresented communities. 

“These diverse publishers are disproportionately harmed by keyword blocking, so this initiative to include these sites in programmatic advertising campaigns will make a big difference in supporting important journalism that badly needs the revenues.”

Publicis Media is due to start implementing client campaigns using the marketplace over the next few months.