Promo for new ITV drama Viewpoint projected onto Manchester Tower

viewpoint itv

To launch ITV’s much anticipated thriller drama, Viewpoint, a special artwork created by ITV Creative, in conjunction with Pixel Artworks, Kinetic and Essence, was projected onto Manchester City Tower – the location of the drama. 

The tower is one of the highest office spaces in Manchester standing at 107 metres tall giving a unique position in the city and one that afforded a wonderful spectacle of the artwork across Manchester.


Viewpoint, the gripping five-part drama which launched Monday 26 April with episodes airing each night this week, centres on a tense police surveillance investigation into a tight knit Manchester community. 

Bafta winning Noel Clarke (Bulletproof, Star Trek Into Darkness) leads the all-star cast in Viewpoint as Detective Martin Young, the brand new Tiger Aspect drama series for ITV, in association with Unstoppable Film and Television. 

Viewpoint was the first ITV drama to start filming after the first lockdown due to Coronavirus.

The huge moving image of Detective Young, which was projected Saturday 24 April in the lead up to the show’s launch, mirrors Hitchcock’s Rear Window intimacy and suspense as he keeps watch on the prime suspect in a missing person investigation. 

The special build shows the detective looking through blinds that open and close as he looks out to the surrounding buildings. 

Digital out of home was also used in the area to amplify the message.

Speaking on the launch, Tony Pipes, Executive Creative Director of ITV Creative said: “To highlight the voyeuristic nature of the drama and celebrate its’ Northern location we wanted to create the feeling of a whole city being watched. 

“Having Noel Clarke’s character dominating the skyline was the ultimate stakeout designed to remind the watched to watch Viewpoint.”

Viewpoint airs each night this week until its finale Friday 30 April. Viewers can also catch up on demand via ITV Hub.