Programmatic advertising set for pivotal year of change – Xaxis

Xaxis, Top10 Trends - main image

Programmatic advertising firm Xaxis has released its take on the ten key trends set to dominate the programmatic ads sector this year.

The company, which is part of media investment giant GroupM, has issued a new infographic (below) outlining the major developments, which includes further evolution of e-commerce, new capabilities in video and digital-out-of-door growth as the world starts moving outdoors again.

Xaxis sees AI growth

Xaxis also sees a rise in developing innovative artificial intelligence strategies among marketers. It precast that 2021 will see a rise in the number of “unique, creative applications of AI in advertising.

Programmatic and the creative side of the marketing industry don’t often go together, but that’s all set to change, according to Xaxis.

Xaxis, Top10 Trends in Programmatic for 2021

The agency sees a move towards what it calls ‘creative hyper-personalisation’ at scale as ads begin to emerge with deeply accurate targeting.

Gaming is also set to come into play, with Xaxis seeing new programmatic opportunities to connect brands with gamers in a whole new way.

Driving real business outcomes will become central to the marketer’s role in the year ahead; they’ll also work towards extending omni-channel flexibility. This sees digital media being adjusted across all types of screens and channels integrating DOOh, audio and CTV (Connected TV).

And the move towards a ‘cookieless’ world, the agency sees connections being the main replacement as big tech ends its addiction to cookies. This, Xaxis said will lead to the election of first-party data and contextual targeting. 

“Brands that strengthen connections with consumers will win”, it said.