Product of the Year 2023 spotlight: Simba


We love a good night’s sleep, so we couldn’t wait to meet up with Simba Sleep Marketing & Ecommerce Director, Jonathan Moore, to delve into the world of sleep science, new innovations coming in 2024, and what customers really want when it comes to buying a new bed…

Jon Moore, Simba

Tell us about your winning product and why it’s resonated so well with the consumer.

Last year, we won not just one, but two Product of the Year awards for the Simba Sleep Orion Bed Base and our Hybrid Firm Pillow.

The Orion bed base is the result of thorough sleep surveys, we were on a mission to solve the nation’s sleep problems.

The flexi slat system automatically supports the lumbar, an area lots of people get pain in from bad mattresses, but it also goes easy on areas like the shoulders where we tend to be naturally less heavy.

It minimises partner disturbance when turning over in bed and if there’s one thing people commonly dislike when buying a bed base, is when it’s fiddly to construct.

This is a no-tool set-up process. You don’t even need an allen key to put this together and it only takes 10 minutes to build!

As with all our products, the hybrid pillow responds to common complaints (too soft/hard/hot).

The hybrid pillow has 2.5cm tall springs that flex to your movement which means it keeps its shape, but what’s really cool is that the thickness is adjustable. You can layer up and down so it’s just right for you.

Whether you’re a front, side or back sleeper, these things make a world of difference when sleeping.

Temperature can also be personalised. We’ve introduced a new patented tech called Stratos which is designed to keep you cool, helping regulate your body temperature. It’s very clever.

What impact has winning a Product of the Year award had on the product?

Buying a bed tends to be more of a considered decision than your more everyday items. We like to think that in combination with other factors, winning the award helps build trust and helps encourage people to give us a try.

BED_Simba Bed_Orion
Sleep time: Simba sees bed buying as a ‘considered’ decision.

We surveyed customers after they bought a Simba product and found that both Product of the Year and Which? had strong brand recognition.

Reviews and ratings are so important for purchasing decisions, people want social proof of quality. So, reviews and a 200-night try before you buy policy, helps people make the leap to spend without risk.

Are there any particular trends you will be tapping into this year in terms of product innovation?

These days, sustainability is a huge deal. On average, 76% of discarded mattresses end up in landfill every year.

This means there’s a greater responsibility for the sleep industry to step up with savvy solutions.

Recycled foam is a big one we’ve been working on in recent years. Much like plastic, foam doesn’t biodegrade so we’ve put a lot of energy into making biodegradable materials.

All the wood we use is ethically sourced, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and our beds are 100% recyclable.

To that point, we’ve also just launched a mattress recycling service, which has already received lots of engagement.

Sustainability: Simba is taking eco approach to products with eye on the environment.

What are the plans and ambitions for the brand/product in 2024 and beyond?

We always have a pipeline of launches. Over 2024, we have a number of new innovations on the horizon including customisable products, with headboards, clever storage solutions and sustainability always at the core.

Our number one goal is championing better sleep quality for everyone and putting that into products.

What do you think is going to be the biggest development in your category in the next five years?

Tech Integration, I think people are going to be a lot savvier about what they’re buying. There are things out there like digital sleep systems that tell you what mattress is right for you and your partner’s sleeping style.

People will become a lot more attuned to what kind of mattress they need and how it supports them, quite literally.

Tracking sleep stats, personalising to individual ways of sleeping and much more.

And while on the topic of tech, we use CGI to help showcase how our products work on the website. It’s important to show the whole range in a technical light, instead of just looking at it from an aesthetic/lifestyle perspective.

It helps people really get a feel for the products before they buy them, in a realistic way. After all, this is something you’re going to live with for a long time. It needs to be just right for you.

Describe your winning product in three words.

Comfortable, technological, sustainable.