Privacy concerns deter almost a third of consumers on social media

privacy concerns on social media - Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

London’s leading digital marketing agency, AccuraCast, has revealed that almost a third of UK consumers plan to spend less time on social media as a result of privacy concerns.

Privacy concerns

The commissioned research, which involved surveying 1,001 consumers, also found that the age group most affected is 25-34, who said that over the next six months privacy concerns would affect their social media usage.

MD and Founder of AccuraCast, Farhad Divecha, said: “With over 53 million social media users in the UK in 2021, these results might not be cause for concern for social media providers and advertisers right now, but it should be a warning and quite possibly an indicator of things to come.

“We know that consumers are becoming more and more privacy and data savvy – this will only continue.

“What we should be seeing next is how social media platforms will respond so as not to scare away consumers and also retain advertisers.

“In 2019, social media advertising spending in the United Kingdom stood at £3.59 billion and accounted for a huge 23% of the total digital ad spend in the country. 

“If these privacy concerns aren’t addressed and dealt with now, stricter government regulation might be imposed, which would be bad for both advertisers and the networks. 

“To avoid losing out in the long run, Facebook, Google (YouTube), Twitter, TikTok, and other networks need to listen to their users’ concerns about privacy and act in good faith now.”