Pringles launches new ‘mind popping’ evolution campaign by Grey

Pringles has launched a new marketing campaign to connect with fans of the crisps who love expressing their playful side.

‘Mind Popping’ is the first time the brand’s positioning has been refreshed since the launch of Pop, Play, Eat and the iconic ‘Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop’. 

Pringles campaign

The campaign (film below) kicked off last week with TV, VOD, online video, social and OOH.

The snack food brand worked with London-based advertising agency Grey on the activation, which has taken two years to develop.

The concept was inspired by the brand’s heritage. 

From the outset, Pringles intended to create a snack that would blow people’s minds – from its unique shape, to how every crisp stacks flawlessly in a can. 

The campaign is intended to showcase how the snack is the perfect snacking experience to bring fun to the everyday.

‘You Were Made For Pringles’ is the first creative execution from the Mind Popping campaign and can be seen across TV, VOD, online video, social and OOH. 

The new advert is a fictional take on how humans were made for the popular snack.

Pringles Mind Popping Animated

The humorous ad explains the world began with a big pop and that people grew opposable thumbs to open cans, have tongues perfectly shaped to hold saddle-shaped chips and grew taste buds to taste iconic Pringles flavours.

Stephen Duggan, Pringles activation brand lead said: ‘’We’re really excited about the launch of Mind Popping and see this as a step change not only for the brand, but for the category. 

“As well as helping us innovate across product, marketing and retail – more importantly, Mind Popping will inspire playful curiosity in our consumers, in a way that only Pringles can.’’

Christopher Lapham and Aaron McGurk Global Group Creative Directors at Grey said: “When we researched Pringles we started to discover stories and facts that blew our minds. 

“The fact that a famous sci-fi author invented their baking machine, that the universe is shaped like a Pringles chip and that the chip perfectly fits the tongue, all led us to the thought of ‘Mind Popping’ and how, what looks like a simple potato chip, is in fact so much more.”

Alongside the campaign launch, Pringles will host a five-minute Mind Popping light show created by experiential agency Onepointfive at the Lee Valley VeloPark (London 2021 Olympic Velodrome), featuring animations and influencer content from Ollie.B – showing how Pringles is the most Mind Popping snack in the universe.

People can watch the Mind Popping light show live by visiting the Pringles YouTube channel at 7:30pm GMT on 9 February 2022.

The Mind Popping campaign will run across TV, VOD, Online Video, Social and OOH until 23 April 2022.