PrimeAudience integrates generative AI tech into portfolio


PrimeAudience, an innovator in cookieless advertising solutions and the first ad network using Protected Audiences API to maximise reach in the cookieless environment, has announced the integration of generative AI technology into its portfolio.

This description-based audience recognition service is built using the foundation of cutting-edge ContentGPT which was developed by its parent company, RTB House.

The new technology surpasses traditional contextual targeting techniques, empowering businesses to engage high-quality audiences with unparalleled insights into online content.

Content analysis in online marketing

In the ever-expanding landscape of the Open Internet, assessing the interests of webpage readers has become paramount for marketers.

The introduction of deep learning models in the form of generative AI has marked a significant leap in the level of preciseness when understanding texts in various applications.

In fact, almost half (46%) of senior marketers across the UK and US revealed in a recent PrimeAudience study rank AI, Deep Learning and GPT as one of the most important ways of reaching audiences in a cookieless environment this year.

It is increasingly common that advertising briefs provide complex descriptions of target audiences going beyond what is available at the taxonomies of audience providers.

This leads to a situation in which media plans do not align with requirements. In this instance, Generative AI can help by filtering out the best-fitting users based on well interpreted Open Internet content.

This understanding goes beyond high-level analysis of domains, but also covers specific URLs.

“At PrimeAudience, we are dedicated to driving innovation that transforms the digital advertising landscape,” said Mateusz Rumiński, PrimeAudience VP of Product.

“The introduction of description-based audience recognition service exemplifies our commitment to providing businesses with the tools they need to thrive in a rapidly changing market heading for cookieless transformation.

ContentGPT advantages over legacy approaches

For example, an advertiser may want to target vegan people interested in recipes for breakfast without eggs and dairy.

Legacy contextual solutions would allow for targeting either vegan or breakfast recipes by using appropriate sections on publisher websites or searching for keywords “breakfast”, “vegan” and alike in the recipes.

The scale of a perfect match, however, would be extremely low. Generative AI technology can analyse the recipe on a much more detailed level, to determine whether it is suitable for vegans. It allows for expanding the scale of advertising campaigns without sacrificing audience quality.

Ad verification for incremental reach

ContentGPT will also serve as a powerful tool for advertisers seeking transparency and control. This ad verification tool from PrimeAudience works across different ad buying platforms, analysing precise locations where specific creatives are displayed. ContentGPT will then assess the relevance of these options.

ContentGPT will also provide recommendations for incremental ad placements, such as domains and even URLs, relevant to the advertiser, allowing brands to achieve incremental, on-target reach.

By incorporating ad verification into its repertoire, PrimeAudience ensures that businesses not only reach the right audience, but also maintain brand integrity through strategic and contextually appropriate ad placements.