Pot Noodle replaces disgusting slurps of ad campaign


In an effort to widen the appeal and enjoyment of the much talked about “Slurp” campaign, the team at Pot Noodle and adam&eve/DDB have used insight and data to respond to those people that were disgusted by the slurping sound used in the latest TVC.

Using a hyper-targeted campaign to adjust the SFX, those who may have been adverse to the sounds of slurping will be served an alternative version which is designed to satisfy based on their preferences.

Pit Noodle kills the slurp

Built on an insight of how people enjoy Pot Noodle, and how eating the savoury snack is not always the most dignified experience, the original spot saw a woman enjoying a Pot Noodle in the office, slurping loudly and proudly for everyone to hear.

Nom-nom film:

Following the launch, some viewers have taken to X to express their disgust for the new ad – Pot Noodle has quickly pivoted with an alternative version for them, replacing the slurping, with more bearable sound effects.

In this new apology campaign that will run across TV, online, social, radio, and press, Pot Noodle and adam&eve/DDB have used data to ensure they can make good with those most offended by the unsavoury slurping.

Baby crying film:

In the first instance, they used data to identify which people were most sensitive to the slurp, skipping just when the slurping noise started. Once this group was established, they delved further into the data, seeking out which sounds those people find personally satisfying.

By exploring the type of content these Sluropophobes consumed online – from saxophone tutorials to F1 highlights – they were able to determine what their niche interests were and thus, what sounds they’d respond positively to.

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The team then tailored more than 50 different versions of the advert, to target those most adverse to the slurp.

To kick-off the apology campaign, in spot that premiered during the Brit Awards on  2 March, the slurping sound from the original TV ad has been altered, now with a more tolerable ‘nom nom’ sound effect, and explanatory text saying: “Some people had adverse reactions to the slurping sounds in this ad. So it no longer contains any.”

Following this, a formal apology will be published in press, with a QR code guiding Brits to this new suite of more satisfactory sounding ads.

Anti-slurp: Pot Noodle’s hilarious campaign will hit the papers, too.

The targeted data-driven work will subsequently run across TV, online, and social.

Lena Portchmouth Marketing Manager Pot Noodle, said: “Our original ‘Slurp’ campaign received a lot of noise across X. We always knew that the ad would be noticeable and potentially divisive.

“We celebrate and love the slurp (let’s be honest, I’m pretty sure we all do it, even if behind closed doors!) however, we appreciate that for some if may be considered a bit “gross”, so to apologise to those who we offended we wanted to offer an olive branch in a Pot Noodle way by removing the offensive sounds.

“The next time people see and hear the ad in question, we hope they find the sounds more satisfying.”

Mark Shanley, Creative Director at Adam&Eve/DDB, said: “We were just trying to celebrate the immense satisfaction people feel whilst eating a Pot Noodle. We didn’t want to upset anyone. So, we’re apologising. Hopefully in quite a satisfying way.