Posterscope launches 100% recycled OOH posters

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Following the industry leading introduction of recycled 6-sheet posters for the first time in the UK in 2021, Posterscope has this week launched 100% recycled and recyclable 48 and 96 sheet roadside format posters, with a new nationwide OOH campaign from BT.

Posterscope’s 100% recycled OOH

Produced in partnership with MediaCo, the 100% recycled roadside paper offers advertisers a more environmentally friendly option for larger format outdoor posters, with the reassurance that they are also fully recyclable.

Technically more complex than 6-sheets, 48 and 96 sheet paper production considers many factors.

The papers are produced from post-consumer waste in a closed loop manufacturing process, so no waste goes to landfill. Enzymes are used rather than chemicals for de-inking and whitening purposes making this process as environmentally safe as possible.

The production process also uses less water than standard paper production and every tonne produced saves as many as 12 trees.

BT campaign

BT Broadband’s new Win At Staying In campaign rolls out nationally this week for four weeks, promoting the strength and reliability of BT’s Broadband Full Fibre offering, and is the first campaign in a partnership with Posterscope that will see the telecoms company using the new posters  throughout the next year.

100%-INSITU_BTCURVE_London_D48 (1)

As a result of BT’s commitment to the use of the recycled paper, Posterscope will also be able to open up the supply chain for other smaller advertisers to make the same sustainable choices.

Tim Sapsford, Managing Director at Posterscope, said: “Being able to offer 48 and 96 sheet posters on recycled paper is a significant step forward in sustainable practices in the out of home industry.

“This new development is a key element in our sustainability story and we are delighted to be able to bring these posters to market with a campaign from our long-standing partner BT.”

Mark Wardle, Managing Director at MediaCo Group, continues: “Producing recycled paper for use as 48 and 96 sheet posters is in line with MediaCo’s continued commitment to providing the most sustainable production methods possible.

“We are delighted to be able to bring this new product to the UK OOH market.”

Graeme Adams, Head of Media at BT, said: “As heavy users of out of home, we’ve been committed to working with Posterscope to find ways in which we can further reduce the impact of this form of advertising on the environment.

“As a company we have pledged to collaborate with our supply chain to drive sustainability and the introduction of these new recycled and recyclable roadside posters is a fitting example of this pledge in practice.”