Porter Novelli to help businesses plug the say-do gap

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Porter Novelli London has launched a new proposition to help clients in the EMEA region close the say-do gap which aligns with the agency’s global strategy and positioning as the communications partner for the stakeholder era.

Porter Novelli tackles the say-do gap

The say-do gap is the gap between what businesses say – as brands and through their products and services – and what they deliver. 

At a time when stakeholder expectations are at an all-time high and constantly changing, closing this gap is essential for businesses to prosper and Porter Novelli’s ambition is to give clients this competitive edge.

The agency believes that now is the moment for firms to close this gap. While there’s been a tendency in post-Brexit Britain to focus on political divisions, Porter Novelli said its research shows there is majority consensus across age groups and regions regarding key issues citizens want companies to take action on. 

These include climate change, employee health and wellbeing, disability inclusion and human rights, to name just a few.

Fenella Grey, EMEA MD and Chair said: “We are the communications partner for the stakeholder era. 

“With our new EMEA market proposition we help clients close the say-do gap by using the power of honest communications to engage employees, inspire customers, support suppliers and motivate investors. 

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Great expectations: Consumers want more action from brands.

“We look forward to helping brands do more than talk by applying our sharp minds and smart data to propel our clients forward with rigour.”

And there’s positive news as 65% of people agree that moving forward post-lockdown provides the chance to have more productive conversations about the positive changes we want to see in the world.

Moreover, 53% intend to stay loyal to companies that action the issues that matter to them. 

The Expectation Era

Porter Novelli has named this trend as The Expectation Era and will continue to monitor how expectations evolve with their quarterly expectation tracker. 

An activity that builds on nearly three decades of investment in global proprietary research by Porter Novelli which has  spanned 10 countries and over 10,000 consumers.

And this appetite for action doesn’t just apply to businesses as it can be seen in how consumers view their own lives. 

Whether it’s rallying for policy change, setting up a business or writing a book, people have discovered they too can really ‘do it’ for themselves. 

Porter Novelli has labelled this trend as the ‘Do it moment’ as a staggering 75% of people have set new goals coming out of lockdown and 57% of people wanting to stick with positive changes they have made to their lives during the pandemic. 

Some 55% want to live in the moment now more than ever before and almost a third (31%) say they have re-evaluated their career goals since the pandemic began.

What does this mean for companies? Put simply, being action orientated and closing the say-do gap has never been as important.