POD LDN brings CGI to new digital spot for Hublot and FutureDeluxe


Post-production company, POD LDN, has executed the stunning post-production on a new online ad for Swiss watchmaker Hublot and its new UNICO collection.

Working with the creative studio FutureDeluxe, who developed the visual concept and art direction through merging CG and reality for the film and brand, POD executed the VFX and post production to bring Hublot’s UNICO “in-house” movement watches to life.

The Unico is a work of art that is both strong and precise. It reveals its inner mechanism to showcase its unique identity, carefully designed for those who lead with style and live with passion.

Hublot campaign

The new digital ad launched on 8 April and is now running online and on social platforms including Instagram.

It cleverly animates and demonstrates the mechanics and new face design of UNICO, and features models who move gracefully through the space with the watch face always highlighted.

This complex spot had to not only inspire, but to bring the next-generation mechanisms and design features alive. Floating in space, the watch mechanics spin and revolve.

The movement is the soul of the watch and an integral part of the design, and each element is animated to bring viewers as close as possible to the revolutionary craftsmanship.


To achieve this, POD worked with FutureDeluxe, creating a 3D scan of the watchmaker to create a full-body character.

The post-production house also worked on the character’s clothing textures, lighting, shading, and grooming, in order to create a precise virtual model that FutureDeluxe could utilise across different campaigns.

POD LDN executed several CGI beauty shots that utilised compositing, cleanup and keying.

Kristian Glenn, Creative Director, FutureDeluxe, said: “It was great to be able to collaborate on Hublot’s first live-action campaign and bring together a group of really talented people – from photographers to musicians, choreographers to lighting techs – to bring the concept to life.

“Sharing skills and merging disciplines meant that it was really enjoyable to work together, and it was really nice to see everything coming together.”

Adrienn Major, Founder of POD LDN, added: “Hublot set the standard for luxury watches with future focused mechanics, and it was incredible to work with FutureDeluxe to use post production to illustrate the beauty and precision of the watchpieces.”

The project is POD’s second for Hublot, having worked with the brand in 2022 on an innovative animation campaign to light up the Burj Khalifa in Dubai for the FIFA World Cup.

“We’re very proud to continue working with such an iconic luxury brand,” added Major.

Hublot, the Swiss luxury watchmaker founded in 1980 by Italian Carlo Crocco, makes timepieces that combine tradition and innovation.