PlusOne launches stunning mobile phones piano campaign


The Wild, Jungle Creations’ full service creative agency, has worked with mobile technology company OnePlus to create a one-of-a-kind digital piano made from 17 smartphones for a tour across Europe.

Uniting message

The aim of the campaign is to bring people together through music and encourage them to connect with each other using phones in a different way this Christmas.

Visiting iconic locations across the UK, Germany, France and Finland, pianist Karim Kamar drew crowds by playing his composition ‘Winter’ on the digital piano before inviting people to play the piano themselves.

The Wild documented the tour in a video that has been published by OnePlus across its social platforms.

Smartphone piano

The piano was made using new OnePlus 7T Pro smartphones to showcase how they are OnePlus’ fastest and smoothest smartphones yet.

The Wild developed an app specifically for the campaign, and the piano was custom-built with a keyboard tray to house the 17 phones, a server, synthesiser and inbuilt speakers so that it could be easily transported around Europe.

Dylan Davenport, Managing Director of The Wild, said: “Christmas is a crazy time and we’re all guilty of getting our head down and putting the blinkers on, with some blaming smartphones for adding to that disconnection.”

Indeed, people are spending more and more time on their phones during this time, in some cases up to 5 hours per day (click here for more smartphone usage stats). However much of this time is often spent shopping for Christmas presents, or texting and talking with loved ones. Phones by their nature can be used to connect to other people and The Wild wanted to remind people of this.

“We worked with OnePlus to show that a smartphone can be used in a positive way this Christmas. And what better way than through music? Developing an app, building a bespoke piano, scoring a composition, creating an experience, bringing people on the journey – I stand by what I said at the beginning, Christmas is a crazy time.”

Kate Parkyn, Community Director at OnePlus, comments: “The OnePlus piano takes playing music on your phone to a whole new level and is only possible with the fast and smooth OnePlus 7T Pro.”

“We’ve been amazed by the reaction our worldwide community has had to the piano and are pleased to have helped bring people together this Christmas.”