Plusnet launches rebrand with ‘No Fluff’ TV ad


Plusnet has launched a new brand platform, called ‘That’s a Plus’, which introduces a distinctive new brand world, designed to meet the online and social consumption of today’s consumers.

As a much-loved regional brand throughout the UK, Plusnet’s legacy has been baked on value and trust, the firm said.

The launch of the new brand strategy marks a broader commitment to continued growth throughout the UK for Plusnet and will be celebrated via the launch of a new TV commercial entitled ‘No Fluff’, which introduces comedian David Earl as the new voiceover artist.

Working with its agency of record Accenture Song, Plusnet has reimagined the brand for its next chapter of growth aimed at today’s savvy consumer.

Central to this project is the re-designed brand strategy which has been built on a customer-centric value proposition that puts ‘Plus’ at the heart of every piece of content.

The new pink symbol signifies Plusnet’s commitment to ‘straightforward broadband at straightforward prices’ and recognises that consumers are increasingly seeking value from their utility providers amidst the current economic climate.

Directed by up-and-coming Director Gustav Sundstrom, the hero TVC ‘No Fluff’ follows a man who encounters a giant ball of fluff floating in his living room.

Unperturbed, he sets about hoovering it. Eventually revealing the huge pink Plus, pulsating at its centre. Whilst much loved UK comedian David Earl lends his voice to the new brand creative.

The launch of ‘That’s a Plus’ accompanies a full through-the-line brand refresh across all Plusnet’s customer touchpoints, including promotional campaign creative across TV, VOD and social, customer messaging via direct mail, and the front door to the Plusnet brand,

Everything from the way the brand speaks to the bold and simple new visual world lives up to the new brand promise of ‘straightforwardness.’

Across social media, ‘That’s a Plus’ will be supported by visually arresting animated 3D pluses. With the brand’s Pluses turned into fibrous cereal, music inspired headbangers, and even stripping off their clothes.

To communicate the different benefits that Plusnet delivers as the provider for straightforward broadband at straightforward prices. The animations were created by digital 3D artist Jon Noorlander.

Jo Carman, Director, Pulsate, said: A year ago, we set out on a journey to reimagine Plusnet as a purpose fit brand.

“Our ambition was anything but small-scale and to get there we knew we had to start with a blank sheet of paper, and open minds.

“What followed was a total transformation of the business and brand around a new north star. Broadband for our customers, as for all of us, facilitates every part of modern life.

“We learnt that whilst people aren’t willing to compromise on quality when it comes to broadband, simplicity is just as important.

“This new campaign encapsulates this, and we can’t wait to share how the evolution of the Plusnet brand with our customers.

Vix Jagger, ECD, Accenture Song UK, said: “’That’s a Plus’ is all about stripping the brand back to what people genuinely care about- straightforward internet, that’s affordable.

“No bells, whistles, or advertising fluff. With a big, pink, playful plus at the heart of everything we do. After 13 years of ‘Plusnet Joe’ it was a hard task to create a new platform that felt as distinctively true to the brand.

“But we managed to create something that feels even more Plusnet, leaving behind borrowed interest, and leaning into the core assets”.