Plus Company launches Plus AIOS intelligent all-in-one marketing system


Plus Company has launched Plus AIOS, a new predictive intelligence solution that allows marketers to intelligently optimise marketing performance with a complete and continuously updated view of the customer journey to achieve unparalleled return on investment.

With over $2 billion of marketing dollars optimised so far, clients have seen up to a 29% reduction in cost per conversion and up to a 23% improvement in campaign efficiency, Plus claimed.


AIOS uses predictive intelligence to zero in on individual journeys, tracking back from an actual outcome, like a sale, revealing every step along the way.

With near real-time visibility across channels, marketers can understand how each touchpoint, creative, and message contributes to success, and implement actionable recommendations.

Plus AIOS reverse-engineers customer journeys to focus on business outcomes rather than solely the reach of channels.

With as little as two months of data to get started, Plus AIOS extracts patterns from available information and fills in the gaps to improve predictions.

“At Plus Company, we know firsthand the amount of time and financial resources marketers spend on making campaign decisions,” says Brett Marchand, CEO, Plus Company.

“With the rise of AI and predictive intelligence, we knew there was a better way. Plus AIOS unlocks what’s possible and I’m excited to announce this game-changing, intelligent All-in-One System for Marketing.”

Michael Cohen, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Plus Company, said: “The buyer journey has become increasingly more complex and difficult to interpret, especially in a post-cookie and privacy-first world where the marketplace changes rapidly”.

“Marketers are having to use more methods than ever before to connect with customers which has made it difficult to access consistent, quality data that can be manipulated in a meaningful way to measure and prove return on investment.”

In order to build a comprehensive view of their campaign performance, most marketers are still reporting at the channel level, requiring them to pull large swaths of data from multiple platforms– this is a cumbersome, inefficient, and costly process.

Yet, in spite of the resources that are expended in collecting and normalising data for traditional measurement tools– which can easily cost upwards of $2m a year (MarTech Stack)– 80% of marketers say they still struggle with multi-channel measurement and attribution (Gartner).

“Plus AIOS provides marketers an opportunity to change how they use data to plan, measure and optimise their campaigns,” said Kristin Wozniak, Global Lead of Customer Success, Plus Company.

“By using AI for its predictive intelligence, marketers can sharpen the resolution to create more robust, complete views of customer journeys.

“It is the prediction machine that allows a marketer to build a campaign based on what customer behaviour will be, making it an invaluable system.”

Plus AIOS is now available for marketers across all industries who are looking to gain a competitive advantage by modernising their organisation’s multi-channel measurement and attribution models.