Peopleway partners with Designit to evolve brand proposition


Peopleway, the global people measurement solution provider, is repositioning as an AI-led human behaviour product specialist with end-to-end brand strategy from Wipro-owned global experience innovation consultancy Designit.

Peopleway evolves

Peopleway, which has firm roots in behavioural psychology and a strong legacy in human behavioural measurement, is repositioning to evolve its offering from simply understanding human behaviour to instead actively accelerating the human behaviours that drive positive business outcomes.

This move coincides with the launch of its new cloud-based AI solution, built to help companies in the financial sector improve fraud, efficiency, subrogation, and sales performance by guiding employees precisely how, when, and where needed to promote high-performing behaviours.

AI evolution: Peopleway redesigns its brand proposition by Designit.

Charged with building an end-to-end rework of Peopleway’s brand identity, Designit sought to cut through the complicated conversations around human behaviour and the inner workings of artificial intelligence and instead communicate what Peopleway stood for in accessible terms.

Speaking on the brand redesign, Jakob Holmberg Chrøis, Senior Brand Designer, Designit, said, “Our remit for Peopleway far exceeded a typical design brief.

“We had to understand the incredibly complex environment they operate in and communicate their new identity in a way that pays homage to the brand’s heritage.

“If you aren’t au fait with the ins and outs of machine learning and behavioural analytics, it’s a challenging world to understand.

Machine learning: Peopleway embraces future of AI to meet brand needs.

“We wanted every touchpoint of the brand to be a considered effort to communicate Peopleway’s expertise and offering.

“The pictorial mark represents both the way a machine learning model parses information and how neurons work in the brain; this metaphor is also carried through into the bespoke animations we designed.

“The brand colours, language guides, and even photography rules further help to reinforce this message almost analogously to how Peopleway’s offering itself reinforces behaviour.”

Lars Julin, founder and CEO of Peopleway, added, “Fundamentally, we believe that despite the furore around the power of artificial intelligence, the most powerful driving force in any business is still human.

“That’s not to say that the human element can’t be enhanced, which is precisely what we’re trying to achieve.

“By combining our heritage in behavioural analytics and proprietary AI models, we aim to identify the differentiating behaviours driving business results and to enshrine those behaviours throughout the workforce.

New chapter for Peopleway.

“This new chapter for Peopleway is quite a full circle moment for me personally. In my university days, I studied neuroscience and artificial intelligence from a neuropsychological perspective.

“I understand this world very well, but I’m also cognisant of how difficult a field it is to understand. We’ve been working with Designit for over a decade and placed a lot of trust in them to help write the next chapter in Peopleway’s story.

“We knew it was a bold step to take, departing from our established heritage in consulting and people measurement and moving forward with our AI-powered behaviour and business performance offering.

With help from Designit, though, we’ve managed to distill what separated us from the pack for the past 30 years and keep that essence alive in our new identity, which positions us for success over the next 30 years and beyond.”