Peloton Partners with That Peter Crouch Podcast


Peloton, the global interactive fitness platform, is sponsoring the latest series of That Peter Crouch podcast, which runs until 22 November. 

Peloton is working with Hearts & Science, who originated the challenge-focused concept for the partnership with Acast Creative.

Peloton and Peter Crouch

The football podcast is a regular fixture near the top of the Spotify and Apple podcast charts, and it’s the number one sports podcast in the UK – reaching an audience of half a million fans. 

Alongside the sponsorship of series seven, Peloton will also be the sole sponsor for a series eight World Cup special and a Crouchfest special live streamed from the O2 Arena. 

Peloton’s permanent presence on the podcast throughout the campaign is supported by activity on social media.

The show’s branded segments see Peter Crouch’s co-host, Chris Stark, immersed in the Peloton community to become as fit as a footballer. 

The 10-week plan, which includes a mix of Peloton class content such as cycling, strength, running, yoga and meditation, has been designed by Peloton instructor, Ben Alldis.

Garrett O’Reilly, UK CEO at Hearts & Science, said: “That Peter Crouch Podcast has a huge organic reach and the upcoming World Cup makes it the perfect choice to strengthen brand awareness. 

“Moreover, the podcast’s format lends itself to showcasing Peloton’s products and content  in an authentic way. 

“We’ll be able to highlight how Peloton supports a fitness regime in a way that’s both practical and – crucially – fun for the listeners.”

Josh Woodhouse, Managing Director of Acast UK, said: “This is going to be a fantastic campaign that will truly illustrate the ability of Crouchy, Chris and the production team at That Peter Crouch Podcast to identify the best way for brands to engage with their dedicated and loyal listener base.”