Pathfindr offers Tom Cruise kit to ensure crew safe distancing on set

tom cruise - pathfindr

Internet-of-things firm Pathfindr hopes its offer to help Tom Cruise ensure his crew can always keep a safe distance on set doesn’t turn out to be a Mission Impossible.

Pathfindr offer to Tom Cruise

Okay, so it may be a wee bit tongue in cheek, but following Cruise’s very “impassioned” address to colleagues around social distancing this week, UK tech company and part of MISSION Group responded the only way it knew how – by sending him some of its Safe Distancing Assistants.

The company posted the offer via its Twitter account, writing: “Hey @TomCruise We don’t like to see you upset! Social distancing needn’t be an Impossible Mission. You need a red light/green light solution, it’s in the post! Eat that Benji Dunn. Desperate times, desperate measures #MissionAccomplished #MissionImpossible7 #TomCruise @simonpegg

Earlier this week recordings of Cruise apparently losing it with crew members for not observing social distancing rules went viral.

Hollywood actors including George Clooney and Whoopi Goldberg defended Cruise, although they admitted they wouldn’t have necessarily handled things in quite in the same way as he did.

Pathfindr quickly developed the devices earlier this year, in response to Covid and to help businesses keep employees safe and remain operational, while also adhering to government guidelines.

It’s been a tough time for many industries, and Cruise has managed to keep his productions rolling because he undertakes to keep to strict COVID19 operating guidelines on his sets.

However, BECTU, the entertainment industry union, said 2020 had been a very difficult year for film crew.

“Film crews have worked tirelessly to put in place procedures to ensure that film sets are covid-secure”, said

Bectu national secretary Spencer MacDonald.

“Indeed, Bectu was one of a handful of organisations that contributed to the government’s return to work guidance for high end film and TV production.

“After a very difficult year for freelancers working in the industry, the last thing crews deserve is a multi-millionaire Hollywood star screaming abuse and threatening their jobs.”

Perhaps, these safe0distance alarms from Pathfindr will help smooth over the tensions between Cruise and his, well, crews. And we hope Tom manages to see the funny side and maybe chill out.