Patak’s launches first new TV campaign in a decade, by BMB

Patak's makes perfect campaign

The first chapter of Patak’s new brand platform launches this month with the brand’s first entirely new TV advertisement for over 10 years, created by creative agency BMB.

“Patak’s Makes Perfect” positions the brand as the cook’s essential ingredient for creating delicious Indian food at home.

Patak’s TV spot

The launch TV spot centres around the Pathak family’s century-long quest for culinary perfection, from their humble origins in Gujarat, India, to the present day.

The new ad follows each generation’s journey as they tweak and improve the recipes to create the perfect pastes and sauces that have made the brand a popular choice for consumers today. 

Concluding with a scene featuring chef and Pathak family member, Anjali Pathak, cooking at home, the film shows the brand’s pastes at the heart of a delicious and enjoyable Indian meal.

Directed by BIFA and Grammy-nominated director Fred Scott, the spot will appear from 10 January until Easter 2022.

Chris Heyn, Director of UK World Foods Marketing at Patak’s, said: “Patak’s has been the staple of Indian cooking at home for millions of UK households for generations. 

“We want to remind viewers that if they’re creating Indian food at home, Patak’s is the only choice as there are generations of Pathak family experience, knowledge and care in every jar, ready to help them give their family and friends delicious, authentic dishes every time.”

Matt Lever, Chief Creative Officer at BMB, added: “Patak’s has a uniquely interesting and rich heritage.  Our work draws a culinary line between past and present.

“Every delicious dish consumed today is the product of generations of hard work, experience and care from the Pathak family members of yesteryear. 

“We’re excited to launch “Patak’s Makes Perfect” and can’t wait to evolve the platform over time.”

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