Passendo partners with audienzz to launch newsletter ads network

audienzz and Passendo

Award-winning email ad server and SSP, Passendo, has partnered with audienzz, a leading media company based in Zürich, Switzerland, to launch a newsletter advertising network with the widest reach in the country – with this partnership making in-email advertising more efficient than ever before.

Passendo and audienzz

Audienzz is a Swizz digital advertising specialist which offers a portfolio of over 300 websites. With its innovative digital branding, native, video and performance formats, it reaches over 14 million unique clients across the country each month. 

In addition, it offers publishers and advertisers a comprehensive range of services as well as state-of-the-art tools, developed in-house.

Prior to partnering with Passendo, audienzz did not have the features of an actual adserver, but it has now successfully onboarded over 20 publishers and launched the first newsletter advertising network in Switzerland – collaborating with premium publishers from all three language regions and generating over 35 million impressions a month.

As a leading advertising technology provider, audienzz decided to combine the power of Passendo as a specific newsletter adserver with its booking tool, adconsole. 

In this way, the Passendo API implementation makes it possible to customise a solution that perfectly fits the needs of Swiss publishers.

“This offers advertisers an optimal solution: It gives them the opportunity to land directly within their target groups’ mailboxes via in-email ads,” said Nora Chapero, Head of Business Development at audienzz. 

“We are committed to ensuring a highly efficient process and, with partnerships and innovations such as this, we are able to bring the entire spectrum of journalistic services to the advertising market.”

Audienzz AG’s CEO, Remo Baumeler, said: “We were delighted to partner with Passendo to ignite the power of premium publisher newsletters with in-email advertising. 

“The goal of this ongoing collaboration was to make our newsletter advertising product scalable and to launch ‘emvoy’, the first newsletter network in Swtizerland, on a CPM/CPC basis, which will enable us to offer the Swiss market a valuable and unique new advertising channel and to generate new revenue streams for premium publishers. 

“This has been achieved rapidly and already the results have been extremely impressive.”

Andreas Jürgensen, CEO and co-founder of Passendo, said: “We are beyond proud of what we have achieved along with the team at audienzz. 

“Our mission is to give publishers access to new incremental revenues, as well as to enable better control of the quality and content of ads being served around their premium content. 

“We have already partnered with some of the world’s largest media brands, helping to bring about phenomenal revenue increases. This is just another example of the ways in which our technology can help quality publishers to future-proof their businesses.”

Passendo is helping a growing number of publishers worldwide to boost their commercial potential, in a sector which has traditionally experienced challenges around monetisation. It is currently seeing strong and growing demand from the US and UK markets in particular.

The partnership comes as the Copenhagen-based in-email advertising disruptor readies itself for an explosive H2, having appointed a raft of new board members following significant growth and investment of €2.3 million late last year.