Parakeets and horned melons lead new Google app ad by Stink Studios


Google has launched a new paid campaign across the UK, France and Germany to showcase the multiple ways to search with the Google app.

Launching on the same day Google celebrates its 25th anniversary, the campaign has been developed by Stink Studios, Google Creative Lab and Google Brand Studio (EMEA).

Google app

The Google app helps people to discover the world in a more spontaneous and surprising way, by allowing them to search what they see and hear around them, using visual and music recognition technology.

The campaign highlights the everyday moments where the app comes into its own, from identifying must-have items while you’re out and about, to finding a song that’s on the tip of your tongue.

Each campaign film sees people encountering a scenario where the Google app is the perfect solution to an everyday problem. The campaign includes 24 films directed by Ben Whitehouse with Stink Films.

The campaign features local search insights, shopping behaviours, cultural trends and different contextual executions that have been created to address a range of audiences. The films will appear on YouTube and all leading social media platforms.

The campaign is augmented by a wide array of additional content that has been crafted by Stink Studios. These use motion graphics and a selection of photographs to communicate clear use cases of the Google app.


Kate Sutherland, Executive Producer, Stink Studios said: “It’s been a joy to build upon the success of last year’s Google campaign, and we jumped at the chance to further collaborate with Google Creative Lab, Google Brand Studio, Stink Studios and Stink Films; operating as one extended team.

“The campaign is a testament to the close collaboration we’ve fostered throughout the project and our genuine admiration for the truly innovative product.”