Pangaia Partners with Snap to launch its first “virtual try on” campaign


Sustainable fashion brand Pangaia has partnered with Snapchat to debut a Virtual Try On (VTO) Augmented Reality (AR) campaign for its innovative Grape Leather Sneaker range. 

Pangaia AR exp

Via the AR experience, which launches in the UK this week, Snapchatters are able to try on the brand’s Grape Leather Sneaker and swipe through the colours in the range to see what suits them best. 

Once they have chosen their favourite pair Snapchatters can then swipe up to buy.

Pangaia’s Grape Leather Sneakers are the brand’s take on the classic sneaker. The genderless sneakers are made with Vegea, which utilises waste from the wine industry, transforming repurposed discarded grape skins, stalks and seeds into lightweight grape leather, and are a true reflection of the company’s innovative approach to bringing breakthrough material science innovations into the world through every lifestyle products.

Through this campaign Pangaia leverages Snap’s AR technology to virtually engage with its target audience of Gen Z and Millennials in a powerful and innovative way.

This is the first time Pangaia has launched a Virtual Try On campaign, allowing the brand to tap into the booming AR  e-commerce market. 

A recent study by Foresight Factory showed that 56% of those who have used AR when shopping online stated it encouraged them to buy. 

The same study showed that around 42% of online returns could potentially be avoided by using AR technology to try on items.

“As a brand driven by innovation and technology, we are proud to work with the Snap team to leverage Snapchat’s AR technology and invite its community to experience Grape Leather Sneakers through their phones”, the Pangaia Collective said.

pangaia 1

How it works:

  • To access the experience, Snapchatters open the app and click on the campaign icon in their Lens carousel, [or scan the Snapcode below]
  • Once activated, Snapchatters are prompted to smile to launch a grape transformation animation. The sneaker appears in the centre of the screen and users can manipulate the 3D show and change its colour. The user can then swap the camera to try the sneakers on.
  • Once on the back camera, a hint asks the user to find their feet to start the try-on experience. The user can then change the sneaker colour with a UI picker.