Panadol launches ‘Release Starts Here’ campaign by WPP

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Panadol, a global pain relief expert, has launched a new brand idea created by global agency group WPP.

The creative that brings to life the emotional transformation of people as they start to recover from acute pain, through a purpose-driven and inclusive platform.

Panadol ‘Release’ campaign

The launch campaign is live across Great Britain and Ireland redefining the pain category through its commitment to holistic pain management for all.

“Release Starts Here” explores the insight that while pain is universal and unites us as humans, it can also take our humanity away, the company said. 

Pain diminishes our abilities, prevents us from connecting with the world we care about, blocks us from our true selves and affects the way we interact with others. 

After 2 years of pandemic restrictions, now more than ever, people want to get back to their normal lives and to the people they love.

Rooted in deep consumer understanding, the campaign idea celebrates that never-talked-about moment of realisation when you start to feel the release from pain. 

When you begin to feel less physically trapped and can start to emotionally reconnect with people around you. Using an emotional insight to land their key message to the world: that between pain and relief… you can find Panadol.

Creative development was inspired by the brand purpose of freedom from pain, so the human spirit can shine, and the execution goes where consumers are in digital, TV, in-store, and talking to experts (pharmacists, HCPs). 

Through digital, film or still, each execution in the 360-campaign captures rich portraits of people at that relatable moment of release.

Charles Leslie, Panadol’s Global Business Lead said: “WPP’s creative idea establishes a new, fresh positioning for Panadol, shifting from traditional approach of problem-solution advertising to a journey of empathy for people in pain. 

“By seeing the person behind the pain, we understood the emotional transformation that consumers go through and the importance of the “Release” moment, when consumers start feeling the relief from pain”.

A 30-second hero film, alongside 15-second edits and digital campaign, bring to life the moment of release through a powerful, positive, and distinctive visual device – the beacon of Panadol light. 

panadol release starts here 2
Release: Panadol’s new campaign is now live across the UK.

We watch people floating above the ground, knots untie, or see weight lifted away. This transition from darkness to light is accompanied by a well-known soundtrack, which has been adapted to reflect the start of the pain recovery journey.

Alina Kessel, Global Client Leader WPP Team GSK said: “There is really nothing more important and emotional than our health and the health of our loved ones. 

“We are proud of the work our teams developed which takes Panadol, an established and trusted pain-relief product, to new emotional places creating relevance and impact with the people we serve”.

Panadol, a brand with 40 years of heritage in UK, is one of the power brands in the GSK Consumer Healthcare portfolio, soon expected to be known as Haleon.