Pact Coffee launches first brand campaign with consumer call to action

Pact Coffee, the independent speciality coffee roaster brand, is inviting Londoners to think more consciously about where their daily coffee comes and ‘make a Pact to fix the coffee industry’ in its first major ad campaign.

Pact Coffee campaign

The campaign, created by Ourselves, exposes the bitter truth behind the coffee industry – namely that for too long coffee growers globally have been drastically underpaid for the coffee they produce, while consumers have been subject to beans which have been burnt to a crisp to disguise their poor quality. 

You can find out more about the problems in the coffee industry here.

The outdoor ads urge the public to ‘wake up and smell the unfairness’; and are emblazoned with slogans such as ‘Two sugars won’t hide the bitter truth’; ‘Coffee break? Coffee is broken’; and ‘The coffee industry is out of service’.

The campaign, which will also run on local radio in the capital and across social media, launches today, 6 September.

Outdoor ads will appear across major OOH sites in London, as well as on public transport. Media buying is supported by Squadron Venture Media.

Paul Turton, Pact Coffee Chief Executive Officer, said: After nearly ten years of quietly challenging the norms of the coffee industry, enough is enough and now we’re excited to be raising our voices and taking our mission to the streets of London. 

This campaign marks a huge step change for Pact Coffee as a leader in the speciality coffee industry and we hope that it will compel consumers, businesses and other coffee brands to sit up, take note and join us in finding a better way to make, enjoy and serve coffee.”

Steven Bennett-Day, founder of Ourselves, said: “Most people don’t think twice about the coffee they put in their cup, and it’s time that changed. 

“The truth about ‘Big coffee’ has been eye-opening for us and we think it will be for consumers too. 

“Pact is on a mission to make things better for the farmers and the coffee drinkers. We’re excited to be on this journey with them.”