Ozgur Taskaya, BcnMonetize on Google’s change to Android tracking

Ozgur Taskaya on gaming changes - Image by ExplorerBob from Pixabay

Huge changes are afoot in gaming app marketing, one of which is the impact of privacy changes on marketing investment; especially the 10% of gaming app budgets shifting from iOS to Android in response to Apple introducing ATT. 

Here’s what Ozgur Taskaya of mobile specialist agency BcnMonetize has to say on the issue…

Ozgur Taskaya

Ozgur Taskaya, Chief Marketing Officer, BCNMonetize

“The transition to ATT was a painful one for many advertisers, so it makes sense spend shifted to Android as a result. 

“Yet we are unlikely to see a similar drop in Android spend as a result of Google’s recently announced limits to tracking. 

“Firstly, the two-year timeline for phasing out Google Advertising ID will alleviate some worries and give advertisers time to prepare. 

“In the meantime, Google has welcomed feedback from the advertising industry, which is a marked difference from Apple’s approach. 

“Even if Google proceeds with the transition as planned, its Topics API offers an appealing value-add for advertisers who can use signals to respond to an individual’s interests while respecting their online privacy.” 

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