Over 55s ‘Zen Genners’ love to shop online according to Good Rebels

Meet the Zen Gen - good rebels

A staggering 95% of Brits aged 55+ shop online, according to new research published today from digital strategy and creative agency Good Rebels.

Dubbed the The Zen Gen, or Zenners thanks to their slower, more relaxed approach to digital, this age group often feels invisible and forgotten by marketing and advertising campaigns, according to the research.

Something that demonstrates an opportunity gap for brands as the Zen Gen have the highest purchasing power out of any age group.

Good Rebels survey

Good Rebels surveyed 1,500 shoppers aged 55+ across the UK, Spain and Mexico, and conducted ‘deep-dive’ interviews with over 45 more.

This allowed the agency to not only compare behaviour across the markets but also, evaluate each one individually.

The current climate means consumer habits for this generation are changing for good as they continue to adapt to digital advancements.

Although they are not digital natives, the Zen Gen is the first generation to make widespread use of, and feel at ease with, tech.

Meet the Zen Gen infographic

In fact, 86% of participants have no difficulty surfing online, and 76% consider online purchases to be easy or very easy.

Besides feeling at ease with online shopping, British Zenners are also very present on social media. 71% of participants said they are users of Facebook, while 20% are on Twitter, 19% are on Instagram and 14% have a Pinterest account.

The data also revealed that while most Zenners in the UK (64%) prefer laptops or computers, mobiles phones are the preferred option in Spain (40%) and Mexico (52%).

Only 14% of UK participants prefer to use their phone for online shopping.

What UK participants value the most about online shopping is convenience (72%), and the fact that they can do it from home (52%). Price (57%) was also an important factor, considering that online shopping allows consumers to easily compare product prices as well as visit this link to find further savings.

When deciding which brand to shop with, for 72% of respondents, trust is crucial. Zenners choose the same brands they buy instore when buying online. Some also took into account the recommendations of their acquaintances (33%) and the offers they receive by e-mail (22%).

Top Zen Gen products

The research also identifies the products Zenners buy online, proving that their experience of ecommerce is varied. The top three sectors are:

  • Fashion (45%)
  • Groceries (38%)
  • Health and beauty products (34%)

These findings clearly encapsulate that in order to succeed, brands need to ensure they are targeting different demographics via their marketing and advertising activity, the firm said.

“Our research has allowed us to analyse this unknown generation and unveil its secrets”, said Taru Inari Mäkinen, Senior Insights Manager at Good Rebels.

“Zenners were between 40 and 50 years old at the dawn of the digital revolution and were, therefore, the first ones to use computers and mobile phones at work.

“Their experiences, halfway between digital and analogue, have made this generation mature and reflective, with distinct online behaviours.

“Through our research it has been interesting to identify and bust the myths associated with their online behaviours.”