Organic Trade Board launches ‘Organic September’ by Planet Shine

organic trade board organic september campaign

The Organic Trade Board (OTB) today launched its annual Organic September campaign “Nature would choose organic”, created by Planet Shine. 

In 2022, the campaign aims to communicate that organic is a simple choice consumers can make to live more sustainably and protect the natural world around them.

OTB selected Planet Shine due to the agency’s commitment to servicing clients with sustainability at the heart of what they do. Planet Shine helped the OTB amplify its message and drive consumers to consciously consider buying organic goods.

Organic Trade Board campaign

The “Nature would choose organic” campaign aims to reach ‘eco seekers’ – customers who are increasingly concerned about the environment and are making lifestyle changes accordingly – as well as strengthening the brand with those who already buy organic. 

It centres around a set of animated films asking consumers to ‘choose organic’, supported by other assets including static social creative, a social media competition, instore media, and PR, which is being developed and managed by Aubergine.

The OTB is an independent organisation with members spanning retail, food processing, farming, textiles, and certifiers. 

These brands have a common goal – to grow the organic market in the UK and promote more sustainable supply chains. 

The UK organic market currently represents 1.6% of the total food and drink sector, but research shows this is accelerating as more people consider their carbon footprint – the market experienced its highest growth rate for 15 years in 2020, and the OTB has the ambition to grow the organic market share to 10%.

Eddie Mills, Managing Director of Planet Shine, said: “At Planet Shine we are uniquely aware of the role that nature must play in ensuring the planet and all its people and species have a brighter future.

“That’s why we are thrilled to have been appointed by the OTB to bring to life their Organic September campaign. 

“Too often, the link between what we purchase as consumers and the effect that has on the natural world around us is lost, so we are aiming to awaken people once more to the benefit of choosing organic – for the health of the planet and their own health.”

Cristina Dimetto, General Manager of the Organic Trade Board (OTB), said: “The organic market keeps growing, but this year we want to encourage people to swap to organic not only in September – we want to make it a lifestyle choice. 

“We’re on a mission to drive home the message that “nature would choose organic” to convey that organic farming methods are the most beneficial to soil, wildlife and nature, crucially paving the way for a sustainable future.”

Organic September is a month-long UK-wide celebration of organic food, textiles, beauty, and wellbeing products, which capitalises on the desire for a green recovery from Covid-19 and calls for a sustainable, planet-centric approach to production.