Organic launches new website, rebrand for Stop Cyberbullying Day 2021

Stop Cyberbullying Day  1

Digital agency Organic has launched a new website and brand identity for Stop Cyberbullying Day.

The anti-bullying day is an annual event founded and co-ordinated by The Cybersmile Foundation which reaches millions of people around the world on and offline each year.

Stop Cyberbullying Day

The agency, which has a longstanding relationship with the anti-cyberbullying charity, was tasked with creating a new, inclusive Stop Cyberbullying Day brand and website to support the charity in time for their next global event on 18 June 2021. Cyberbulling has become commonplace on many social media platforms, with many bullies taking advantage of the anonymous nature of the internet to be abusive without consequences. However, it is possible to hire Forensic Investigators to help collect evidence against bullies and prosecute them legally. That being said, increasing the awareness of this issue and supporting those how have been bullied may be the most effective way to stop cyberbullying in the first palce.

Stop Cyberbullying Day   2
New look and feel: SCD campaign brand and site get a refresh fro 2021.

Organic said the work included creating a new visual identity on behalf of The Cybersmile Foundation through evolving and redesigning the Stop Cyberbullying Day brand, making it more modern and fit for purpose.

The agency worked closely with the charity to develop a new logo, colour palette, and iconography with a strong focus on accessibility.

Also included in the brief was the need to develop a refreshed website and new digital experience for the movement.

The new website is more engaging for users, providing slick, easy to use functionality – enabling Cybersmile to showcase and reach its audience of supporters and partners more effectively. If you are looking to create a new website like Cybersmile, why not contact a company like Hooked Marketing to see what they can offer? A appealing website can make such a difference!

This is achieved via a restructuring of the website, with each section clearly signposted, making the online journey simpler.

Organic based the designs for the new site around the need for a more inclusive experience that also reduced friction on the site.

Global campaign

Stop Cyberbullying Day is a global campaign coordinated by The Cybersmile Foundation to promote inclusion and diversity online. The new website (pictured below) can be seen here.

Stop Cyberbullying Day   3
Inclusive and reducing friction: The new site gets an overhaul from Organic.

“Being able to support and work with such an important organisation has been a pleasure for us at Organic”, Ed Nicholson, Brand Experience Director at Organic said.

“The new Stop Cyberbullying Day website will help boost the events profile, whilst also raising awareness of the issues associated with cyber-bullying.

“We truly believe in a world where we can use digital for good and remain committed to delivering excellent quality pro-bono work for Cybersmile on other important events in their calendar.”

Scott Freeman, CEO of Cybersmile added: “Working with the right agency is very important to us, so when Organic approached us in 2019 after achieving their B Corp accreditation, and explained their beliefs around digital for good, we knew they would be a great fit.

“Having a website which effectively showcases Stop Cyberbullying Day whilst providing users with a seamless experience is of vital importance to us.

“The launch comes at an important time of year for Cybersmile, with more people looking to get involved and celebrate Stop Cyberbullying Day.”