Onto launches ‘radically simple’ campaign to encourage Renault ZOE subs

ONTO Renault

Electric car subscription service Onto and Renault have launched a ‘radically simple’ digital campaign featuring co-creators encouraging ZOE subscriptions and driving interest in Onto’s ‘radically simple’ proposition. 

Onto simple social campaign

The campaign, devised and executed by Vivaldi UK, goes live this week across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The campaign strapline is ‘Join the radically simple electric switch’ and to deliver the campaign Vivaldi has worked with a series of content creators to produce their own ‘radically simple reviews’ of the service.

Onto is the electric only car subscription company revolutionising the UK automotive industry. The most affordable electric small car they offer is the multi award-winning Renault ZOE, billed as the best option to tempt anyone to make the change. 

Renault has been one of the pioneers of electric vehicles, developing a range of passenger and commercial vehicles providing zero tailpipe emissions. 

Its Renault ZOE delivers enhanced acceleration along with up to 245 miles (WLTP) all-electric range on a full charge. 

Content creators

Content creators who have signed up to work on the campaign include @nickcarvell, @declutterdollies, @gadgetboy, @venetialamanna, @bodyposipanda. The campaign will run until May 2021.

According to Rui Ferreira, Chief Commercial Officer at Onto: “We’re on a mission to create a faster, smarter and more innovative way of accessing an Electric Car. 

“We offer an all-inclusive subscription solution, with no deposit and only a monthly rolling commitment challenging conventional car ownership and putting the customer back in control. 

“Renault, like Onto, believe in supporting progress and we are delighted to team up to help people start their electric journey easily with a ZOE, allowing them access to hassle-free, emissions-free and affordable driving.”

According to Jane Hovey, Director of Communications Strategy Vivaldi UK: “Vivaldi’s work always starts with genuine customer insight. 

“The key insight informing this campaign was that to date the car buying process has been seen as mentally taxing, particularly by a younger audience. Comparing electric and non-electric makes it even more complex, even though there is a desire to drive EVs. 

“Therefore this campaign helps to emphasise the radically simple solution to what has been seen as overly complicated before. 

“Working with established content creators we can make sure we target our millennial audience for who traditional car ownership isn’t a big deal.”