Online card brand thortful launches Boris-style response to #reallygate

thortful #reallygate

From #partygate to #reallygate, UK online greeting card marketplace thortful has launched a tongue in cheek reactionary campaign following complaints about the screechy repetitive delivery of its ‘really really really really really really thortful’ line, in its new radio advertising.

Thortful’s #reallygate response

The new campaign, voiced by thortful Founder and CEO Andy Pearce, acknowledges the complaints, and promises to launch an independent investigation into the amount of ‘really’s used.  

In a timely and brazen nod to the current #partygate scandal over various gatherings at 10 Downing Street during recent lockdowns, Pearce claims his report will not be redacted, but is not able to comment further until the findings of the investigation are published.

The new radio ad replaces the old campaign from today, in the run up to Valentine’s Day.

The campaign was created by independent creative agency isobel.

‘Dolphin’ thortful’s new Valentine’s Day TV ad, which also features the really really really really thortful line’, continues to run on TV.

Andy Pearce, CEO of thortful, said: “We don’t really mind people complaining about our ads.  As a small business, we’re just happy they noticed them.

“But we did want to respond, in the best way we know how. Our cards are updated daily by our small independent designers, tapping into the humour of the day. And now, so are our ads.”

Thortful is an online marketplace offering thousands of unique cards created by small independent designers, as well as heartfelt gifts.

The company was founded and is owned by entrepreneur Andy Pearce, who previously founded PowWowNow.

The UK online greeting card marketplace launched its first major integrated campaign last week and was covered by Mediashotz. 

Thortful said it hoped the original campaign would illustrate the true potential and impact of giving the perfect card to the right person.