Onetag partners with Cedara to quantify emissions under GARM


Following the release of GARM’s (Global Alliance for Responsible Media) new sustainability framework, Onetag has selected Cedara, the Carbon Intelligence Platform, to quantify the sustainability benefits of its AI-powered media curation for the programmatic supply chain.

Onetag picks Cedara for GARM

Onetag will incorporate Cedara as a core element of its corporate sustainability strategy and provide comprehensive emissions measurement for buy-and sell-side customers as part of its Smart Curation Platform.

Measurement of all campaigns will be compliant with industry-standard measurement frameworks, including SRI & Alliance Digitale from now, and GARM in the near future.

Integration is already underway, with the UK, Europe and US as key markets.

AI-powered Smart Curation is a highly sustainable approach, and by integrating Cedara’s Carbon Intelligence Platform data to quantify the benefits of its AI-powered media curation for the programmatic supply chain, Onetag aims to drive advertisers towards its advanced traffic-shaping technology.

The partnership with Cedara will enable brands and agencies to easily benchmark Onetag’s carbon efficiency as a media supplier, helping to quantify the sustainability benefits of AI-powered curation in reducing programmatic advertising wastage and QPS (Queries Per Second) for the supply chain.

It will also provide greater transparency on the general carbon footprint of the supply chain for the benefit of buyers and sellers.

“Onetag is delighted to be integrating Cedara’s Carbon Intelligence Platform as the next step in demonstrating the significant sustainability benefits of AI-powered advanced traffic-shaping technology”, said Daniel Pirchio, Onetag founder and CEO.

“We look forward to sharing transparency, insights and measurement as part of the new industry framework to help accelerate this approach for a cleaner, greener programmatic ecosystem for all.”

David Shaw, co-founder and CEO of Cedara, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Onetag, given their focus on both corporate sustainability and efforts to reduce the environmental impact across the programmatic supply chain”.

“Onetag’s curation technology is a prime example of innovative solutions that will bolster media sustainability, and we look forward to quantifying the decarbonisation effect for Onetag’s organisation and their clients.”

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