Omnicom Media and Teads launch Cookieless Translator tool

cookieless translator

Omnicom Media Group (OMG), the media services division of Omnicom Group and Teads, the global digital ad distribution platform today announced the launch of the Cookieless Translator.

The product is a first-to-market tool aimed at helping marketers easily activate media targeting strategies in cookieless environments, while preserving consumer privacy.

Cookieless Translator

Teads’ Cookieless Translator will enable Omnicom Media Group planners and programmatic buyers to discover actionable insights for clients and build custom audiences that do not require cookies for activation. 

The new product helps brands transition to the privacy-focused era by building predictive audiences seamlessly and translating pre-defined cookie-based audiences, including advertiser first party data, to new segments that do not rely on cookie technologies.  

The benefits also extend to publishers, enabling increased opportunities to monetise their content.

While cookies are progressively being replaced by alternative identifiers and solutions such as the browser-based API, mass reach and technical readiness are simply not available for these initiatives. 

Cookieless Translator’s unique approach offers Omnicom Media Group clients solutions that are immediately actionable at scale.

The Teads solution will be integrated into Omni, Omnicom’s marketing orchestration and insights platform; and it complements the privacy first approach being implemented by Annalect –  OMG’s data and analytics arm –  within Omni.

Slavi Samardzija, Global Chief Executive Officer at Annalect said: “Omni capabilities are built on privacy-preserving methodologies that enable platform interoperability across insight, activation and optimization use cases. 

“The partnership with Teads’ Cookieless Translator is a great example of the power of Omni’s promise, bringing our clients actionable insights and activation at scale in a privacy compliant manner.”

Remi Cackel, Global Chief Data Officer, Teads said: “We have built the Cookieless Translator leveraging years of expertise in interpreting content consumption data. 

“We believe that the future of digital targeting is dependent on the coexistence of several technologies and that our approach makes cookieless solutions actionable for OMG clients at scale, without compromising on privacy for consumers.”