Omni Helicopters launches REVO luxury air mobility brand with Designit


Omni Helicopters International (OHI), the third largest helicopter operator worldwide, and the largest in Brazil, is launching a new brand, REVO, to target the growing luxury consumer market, supported by end-to-end service and brand strategy from Wipro-owned global experience innovation consultancy Designit.

REVO by Omni Helicopters

OHI, already a leading B2B helicopter services specialist, will offer a luxury air mobility service to high net-worth individuals through REVO, with flights scheduled for take-off from São Paulo, Brazil.

REVO will combat the inconveniences of traditional air mobility services, solving complex transportation challenges in a city of over 22 million people, allowing users to “fly through traffic” with the safety, reliability, and sustainability that made OHI a B2B air mobility industry leader.
Designit’s work covered service design, user experience, as well as complete brand development with an in-depth design system including naming, visual identity, tone of voice, and motion.

A core focus for the creative was to ensure every touch point of the brand was as considered and luxurious as possible, in keeping with the brand positioning.

Jordi Rovira, Design Director, Designit said: “OHI has carved a name for itself as the premier air mobility company for business travellers, so the opportunity to help it break new ground in the consumer space was a welcome challenge for us.

“Appealing to consumers is an altogether different challenge than the B2B market, and high net-worth consumers are the most difficult to please.

“They have very discerning taste, and our work with REVO centred entirely on ensuring that every part of the brand that those consumers interact with was consciously designed and implemented with their experience in mind.”

João Welsh, CEO, REVO added: “Designit was an essential partner for our project, helping us to define our guests, what their unique needs are, the signature moments in our service that meet those needs, and an identity that demonstrates what REVO stands for.

“So far early impressions from guests and business partners have been excellent, the brand design effortlessly communicates what REVO is and what we see it being in the future.

“Ultimately, this is the first step in what we envision as a long journey for REVO. With the brand infrastructure in place, it’s our ultimate ambition to introduce electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) into our fleet in the near future.

“Providing our users with unparalleled comfort in a climate conscious manner.

“Since the brand work was completed, REVO has set up all the necessary business structures and will be offering 40 flights per week, on average.

“Each of these is fully integrated with ground transportation and a highly trained team that will escort our guests during the full door-to-door experience.

“Our collaboration with Designit results in a coherent digital and physical experience with the flexibility, comfort, and practicality that marries up perfectly to the luxurious lifestyles of São Paulo’s high net-worth community.

“We knew logistically that we could make REVO a success; Designit’s input has given us a future-proof brand vision, a striking brand identity reflective of the Brazilian landscape, and robust motion principles that elevate every interaction with our target audience.”