OLIVER’s #NoPicNoVote election campaign targets young Londoners


Driven by a group of young Londoners, the in-housing specialist agency OLIVER has co-created a pan-London OOH campaign – supported by JCDecaux Community Channel – to ensure younger voters are aware of the need to bring voter ID when voting in the London Elections on 2 May 2024.

OLIVER and young Londoners

Young Londoners identified the need for a campaign which spoke to young people, to raise their awareness of the London Elections and provide them with the voter ID information they needed to vote.

There are many campaigns trying to motivate young voters to play a role in the democratic process, but none dedicated to making sure that those who register know they must have approved voter ID to cast their vote (as is the case for the electorate more broadly).

Research suggests more than 180,000 Young Londoners (1 in 4) aren’t aware of Voter ID requirements and could be excluded from voting on polling day.

Young people from lower socio-economic backgrounds are less likely to vote than their peers and may also be less likely to have a passport or driving licence (both amongst approved forms of voter ID) due to affordability.

NoPicNoVote: Young Londoners reminded to take ID when voting.

The campaign seeks to remove that potential additional barrier and to raise awareness of the alternative and free forms of voter ID which exist and the deadlines in place to secure these, such as a Voter Authority Certificate.

The Out-of-Home campaign, delivered in partnership with JCDecaux Community Channel, drives people to find out more about voter ID, voter registration and anything else they might need to know at the Democracy Hub (a politically independent source of voter information).

QR codes on rail and roadside posters enable visitors to find out more there and then.

Young Londoners

The shared ambition is simple: every young Londoner who goes to vote on 2 May will be able to exercise their democratic right because they brought the right voter ID to the polling station.

Nick Myers, Head of Planning from OLIVER said: “OLIVER is committed to supporting diversity along with young talent and voices.

“We are proud to have supported this critical campaign to engage young people in London with the democratic process.

“Lending support with strategy, creative and design resources, we helped develop powerful and impactful messages through this youth-led campaign”.

Ally Owen, Founder of Brixton Finishing School, added: “I was shocked to discover 180,000 young Londoners may not be able to make their voices heard on election day.

“Our mission is built around dismantling barriers to representation so I’m proud our creative alumni can contribute to the #NoPicNoVoice campaign. It’s inspiring to see young adults advocating for other young adults.”

Young people from Brixton Finishing School and the Youth Board of the independent charity Mayor’s Fund for London have worked with OLIVER to develop the creative campaign and are supporting social media promotion of the #NoPicNoVote via their peer networks to spread the word amongst young Londoners.

Voter ID: OLIVER campaign targets youth voters in May elections.

Kata, one of the young people involved in the campaign, said: “The team at OLIVER invited us in so that we could help make the campaign more powerful in order to grab the attention of young Londoners and make sure they understand the requirements to bring the correct Voter ID to the London elections in May”.

Phool, another young person also involved, said: “Raising awareness on Voter ID is essential if we are to increase youth participation in voting.

“Change for young people won’t happen if they are not given the opportunity to give their input.

“I found the creative process incredibly insightful and important – asking opinions from young people on issues concerning young people was key to create an outcome that will resonate with many.”

Chris Dooley, Head of Social Impact at JCDecaux said: “We are proud to support this important campaign, using the power of the public screen to raise awareness amongst young Londoners about the importance of bringing correct photo ID to the polling stations.

“The JCDecaux Community Channel was launched to open access to Out-of-Home to charitable initiatives and communities and I look forward to seeing this campaign on digital screens across London.”

For London’s democracy to work for everyone, every voice must be heard. For politically neutral information about voting in the London Elections visit www.registertovote.london.