ODEON and ELVIS unite in bid to ‘Make Movies Better’

odeon we make movies better by elvis

ODEON Cinemas Group, Europe’s largest cinema operator, has launched a new creative platform to support its new brand positioning ‘We Make Movies Better’, developed in partnership with creative agency ELVIS. 

The launch follows ODEON Cinemas Group’s appointment of ELVIS as its pan-European lead creative agency last year.

Odeon making movies better

ODEON Cinemas Group engaged ELVIS to develop a new creative platform to inform all internal and external communications, based on its new global ‘We Make Movies Better’ purpose and brand framework, in order to get people back into cinemas and to generate guest love and loyalty.

The new brand work taps into insights from research conducted by ELVIS, which showed that post-Covid, people are craving escapism, adventure and excitement – all things offered by a trip to the cinema, where you can forget real life for a short while and enjoy a unique experience.

Partnering with ODEON Cinemas Group, ELVIS has developed a new creative platform to bring the ‘We Make Movies Better’ brand framework to life. 

The agency has created four distinct characters to represent each of ODEON’s four brand pillars and show how ODEON makes the movie going experience better. 

The Magician immerses you in the magic of the movies to create a sense of escapism; The Memory Maker makes the experience magically unforgettable, welcoming you in with warmth and passion; The Creator makes movies more delicious, creating a deeper multi-sensory experience; and The Navigator makes movie-going easier, delivering a seamless experience through every step of the journey.

ODEON character launch visual
Magical movies: Odeon’s four characters tasked with delivering better film experiences.

Born out of ODEON Cinemas Group’s passion for epic visual storytelling, the cast of incredible characters was developed to stand proudly alongside the biggest stars of the big screen. 

Their look-and-feel was carefully designed to give each character a heightened heroic presence, whilst keeping at least one foot grounded in reality. 

Both motion and stills were shot in collaboration with Preen, with all post and VFX work carried out by ELVIS’ in-house team.

The four characters will act as shorthand for ODEON Cinemas Group, enabling it to communicate the benefits of its brand experience to its audiences across Europe.

A central part of the creative execution is a portal device, which symbolises the transformational effect of escaping into a great movie at an ODEON Cinemas Group cinema. 

Immersive portal

The portal transports the guest into the world of movies, echoing the large, dark, immersive environment of the cinema auditorium. 

With light rays emitting like the light from a movie projector, it reflects the awe-inspiring experience of a trip to the cinema. 

It also evokes the iris and pupil within the human eye, to convey the wide eyed, pupil-dilating intense emotion felt by cinema goers.

The new identity creates a common brand world across all of ODEON Cinemas Group’s European brands for the first time in its history, bringing the new positioning to life across its ODEON (UK, Ireland & Norway), UCI (Italy, Germany and Portugal), Cinesa (Spain), Filmstaden (Sweden) and Finnkino (Finland) brands.

The new positioning will roll out in all ODEON Cinemas Group venues and on digital and social channels.

Nicole Burdett, Group Head of Marketing & Campaigns, ODEON Cinemas Group, said: “We needed a big creative idea that would bring our new positioning to life in an engaging way. 

“ELVIS came up with the goods, with a bold, ownable concept which can be activated across all our external communications while also strengthening our new brand purpose amongst our 11,000 colleagues.”

Neale Horrigan, Executive Creative Director, ELVIS, said: “Our line-up of four incredible characters enables us to breathe life into the new ‘We Make Movies Better’ brand framework, making it tangible for cinema goers and ODEON colleagues alike. 

“Each of the characters represents a different facet of the ODEON Cinemas Group experience, showing how it’s more immersive, more memorable, more delicious and more seamless than those of its competitors.”