Odelay’s Peter Lee Scott creates Whitley Neill Gin’s first TV ad

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Being approached to create a commercial for any client is exciting, but to be entrusted with directing their first TV spot is a real honour.

Little surprise then that Odelay Films Director, Peter Lee Scott, was delighted to be selected by London gin brand Whitley Neill to do just that. 

Whitley Neill Gin

Taking the brand’s lead to create a film that was ‘inspired by the world’, Scott takes us on a journey through locations, time and indeed occasion. The storyline delivers an awful lot within just 30 seconds.

To demonstrate the well-travelled nature of Whitley Neill, we see a woman on a continuous journey. 

As she travels through each scene she carries a bottle in hand, travelling through memories from the past and into the present with her close friends. 

The spontaneity of her journey creates a fantastical experience, while each room represents one of the countries that the brand’s gin is sourced from. 

Each colour scheme evokes the individual flavours of the gin, Odelay said. The spot also features a voiceover by Billie Piper.

”This project ticked a lot of boxes for me”, said Scott. “I loved the opportunity and challenges that came with working with our composer to create a song that captured the tone of the concept, and then building our choreography and art direction as layers on top of that. 

“Often with commercials, there can be a need to have rapid cuts rather than let a performance and story play out in longer sequences, so it was great to relish this opportunity. 

“Working with the team at Red Brick Road was also the collaboration you hope for on any project. Everyone had the ambition to push the film stylistically that bit more at every turn”.

The final result is a warm, inviting and charming spot that presents the essence of the London distilled gin brand.