Odelay Director creates striking film for Spanish group Fuel Fandango

fuel fandango - alex gargot

Odelay Director Alex Gargot has created a stunning and dreamy film for Spanish music duo Fuel Fandango.

Gargot’s directing has been defined as having a keen sense of humour and a sensitivity for the disturbing and the strange. 

Within his new music video he displays elements of this and an even greater level of ambition and creativity.

Fuel Fandango

His new promo for Fuel Fandango, featuring the vocals of MJ Llergo takes Gargot’s vision to a whole new level.

The ambitious project was initially proposed by the cinematographer Daniel Borbujo, with whom Gargot has shot with previously. 

The band contacted Borbujo to enquire about his availability to create five music videos. 

On reading the proposed films he immediately saw Gargot’s vision within the scripts and offered him the chance to pitch on one of them. 

Gargot instantly loved the song “Mi Huella” and by chance had worked with the performer María José Llergo the previous year, so everything seemed to be connecting perfectly.

Gargot was given complete freedom to allow his imagination to flow. The sound and atmospheres projected within the music, combined with the ambiguous and mystical phrases of the song fed his imagination. 

He envisaged an intimate situation of a couple caressing each other, while something much bigger develops as a consequence of their love.

Gargot hoped to create a moment where a phenomenal event would help wake up the world to the power of love.

Starting from the humble surroundings of a bedroom within a dilapidated building, the opening scene shares two girls enjoying an intimate moment. 

Their love appears to radiate outward to awaken the other inhabitants of their apartment block. 

As their minds are jolted, their senses open to the possibilities of life beyond their mundane domestic activities. 

Flats in space

Gargot’s vision to convey this phenomena is shown through his transformation of the apartment block into a spaceship that rises slowly and majestically into the skies and space beyond.

Here the residents experience the zero gravity atmosphere before descending once more to earth.

Initially Gargot was concerned that such a storyline would worry the band, but instead they backed him wholeheartedly. Such a project would require the skills of an accomplished VFX team. 

The mesmerising effects were provided by the acclaimed post production house Eighty4 in Barcelona.